Cross Point XM3 MICROPROXS™ dual band RFID reader / controller

Product Profile

XM3 MICROPROXS™ from Cross Point is a stand-alone proximity reader / controller which can function as a single door access control solution but can also be easily connected in a RS485 network.


In an RS485 network the individual XM3s continue to function in a stand-alone capacity and can be maintained using the XM3 Manage software.  On-board memory and an internal clock allow events to be stored locally and printed on demand.  A wireless keypad is available for increased security.

Online network functionality:


The XM3 MICROPROXS™ may be connected to 3rd party components /  systems using ABA magnetic stripe, Wiegand or RS485.  In network mode, the XM3 MICROPROXS™ offers dynamic switching mode, a unique feature that guarantees a seamless takeover of network functionality should the network experience malfunction.  In this situation, all security information is locally stored in the XM3 MICROPROXS™, and will be re-submitted to the network once it is back on-line.
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Technical Specification

Make Cross Point RFID
Manufacturer Cross Point RFID
Standalone/ Networked/ PC Standalone
Additional info Uses RF-tags. Event logging with real-time clock and RS485 network (up to 32 readers). Wireless keypad option available. Can be networked and maintained using XM3 software. Uses HID & MIFARE technology. Various reader configurations possible e.g. dual technology at various radio frequencies.
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