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Concept Smoke Screen, in partnership with G4S, have developed a new way of defending cash and guards against attacks when replenishing ATM's. On May 11th at the IFSEC Security Industry Awards 2009, Concept Smoke Screen were honoured with the "Physical Security Product of the Year" award, for the Guardian Smoke Screen. The ceremony was conducted at the Birmingham Hilton Metropole.

Over the last few years, the majority of ATM replenishment visits has moved to out of hours service to minimise operational disruption in trading banking halls.

This move has exposed the cash carriers to elevated risk.

Where previously, criminals would attack couriers as they crossed the pavement, they now wait until all of the cash is in the premises and the highest payout is available before striking.

The Guardian Smoke Screen takes the fantastic success of Smoke Screen security fog in deterring intruders, and makes it available to cash carriers in a portable, yet secure format.

The product comprises 2 parts; The Guardian itself, and a secure docking station, which is installed in the risk area of a banking hall.

The Guardian, a low weight, high-powered security fog generator, is housed in a cash carrying vehicle when not in use. As the guard makes his replenishment service visits, his first trip across the pavement is to carry the Guardian into the risk area and dock it with the station.

The docking station provides a number of critical features:

  • A permanent location for power and off mains support.
  • The triggering facilities for the system.
  • The station removes the need for a judgment call by the guard. He does not need to decide on the best location for optimal protection, the docking station has been installed in a pre-determined "best fit" spot.
  • A locking system to prevent accidental or intentional un-docking of the Guardian.

When first docked, the Guardian comes up to operating temperature in 30 seconds, and will signal to the guard when it is ready.

At this point the guard can radio his colleague to begin bringing cash across the pavement into the now protected area.

If the guards should suffer an attack, the Guardian activates, producing massive clouds of visually obscuring, thermally generated fog. This confronts intruders and drives them away, a concept that has been proven in the field over tens of thousands of the more conventionally installed Smoke Screen generators.

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Technical Specification

Make Concept Smoke Screen
Manufacturer Concept Smoke Screen Limited
Model code Guardian Smoke Screen
Accessories Security smoke generator
Download PDF version Download PDF version

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