Concept Smoke Screen Anti-Raid Window System

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The ever-increasing frequency in daytime attacks on window displays across the retail industry (particularly the jewellery sector) has prompted Concept Smoke Screen to develop a pioneering new solution. 

These daylight attacks are by their very nature fast and violent, the stakes are high, these displays contain extremely valuable goods. So what can be done to stop such determined criminals who routinely ignore and/or circumvent conventional security measures? Answer: Concept's award-winning anti-raid window system. 

This anti-raid solution can be easily integrated into an existing alarm system and can also be triggered from wireless fobs. On activation Smoke Screen reacts and defends in seconds filling the window display with a barrier of security smoke that is both non-toxic and guaranteed to leave no residue. 

The introduction of security smoke into an area reduces the burglar's time to complete his task and, more importantly, he can no longer see what he came to steal. Can't see it? Can't steal it! 

Smoke Screen has already been installed in a multitude of prestige jewellery stores across the country and has been successfully called into action on a number of occasions saving millions of pounds. 

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Technical Specification

Make Concept Smoke Screen
Manufacturer Concept Smoke Screen Limited
Model code Anti-Raid Window System
Accessories Portable smoke generator
Download PDF version Download PDF version

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