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Videotec Overview:

Videotec has been a player in the professional video surveillance market since 1986, designing and manufacturing cameras and accessories for monitoring both civil and industrial external environments. Videotec is active across five continents, distributing to over 200 countries from the production site in Italy, through a network of three branches, two overseas offices and numerous selected partners.

Videotec PTZ and fixed cameras are high-performance and are made with the best quality and most robust materials. They are tested to withstand continuous use in the most extreme conditions, with no need for maintenance. The certified quality of Videotec products meets the strictest demands when it comes to monitoring in complex environments, such as in the oil and offshore industries, maritime and port industries, the transport sector – railways and airports – and across all types of critical infrastructure and industrial processes.

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Videotec news

Videotec announces ULISSE EVO with the SONY FCB-EV7520 camera to enhance airport video surveillance

Videotec announces that the new ULISSE EVO PTZ range will integrate the high-sensitivity SONY FCB-EV7520 camera. This camera will provide a new level of high performance and exceptional image quality for the external surveillance of airports, critical infrastructures, and traffic. The new ULISSE EVO with the SONY FCB-EV7520 camera has a 30x optical zoom and a 1/2.8” Exmor RTM CMOS sensor with Full HD 1080/60p resolution that produces the highest image quality, even when surveilling moving objects or in poor lighting conditions. Powerful image stabilisation algorithm With ULISSE EVO and the SONY camera, you can set up to 24 dynamic privacy zone masks The powerful image stabilisation algorithm means even the smallest camera vibrations are detected and any blur in the footage is dynamically corrected. This results in a sharp image of the scene being surveilled. This is useful for traffic monitoring applications where the camera could be buffeted by wind or shaken by mechanical vibrations, especially if it installed on an unstable structure such as a bridge or pole. With ULISSE EVO and the SONY camera, you can set up to 24 dynamic privacy zone masks. These masks change size and shape based on the pan/tilt/zoom position so objects that shouldn’t be seen remain hidden. The advanced SONY technology brings the functions of Wide Dynamic Range and High Light Compensation that allow optimal management of contrasting light and dark conditions. Ensuring continuous monitoring The camera’s high sensitivity means you get colour video with a minimum illumination of just 0.0013lx (0.0008lx in black and white). This guarantees surveillance coverage even when lighting at the scene is very poor. The LED illuminator integrated into the PTZ, which is available as an accessory, ensures continuous monitoring 24 hours a day. This PTZ camera provides 3 Full HD streams with H.264/Avc digital compression The de-fog function provides a clear view even with fog or haze. When this function is activated, the camera will detect how hazy it is and compensates accordingly in the image. This PTZ camera provides 3 Full HD streams with H.264/Avc digital compression. It can be connected to an Ethernet network easily and can send video streams to digital monitors and storage systems. It complies with ONVIF, Profile S and Profile Q protocols. Quick-fit connectors for Ethernet/PoE The ULISSE EVO with SONY camera can be 24Vac/24Vdc or 90W PoE powered, depending on installation requirements. It can even be mounted upside down, in the typical speed domes position. The supports can be supplied with quick-fit connectors for Ethernet/PoE, power supply and I/O. This means the unit can be replaced quickly and easily in case of on-site intervention. The wiper is supplied as standard, for optimum cleaning of the front glass. ULISSE EVO operates at maximum efficiency between -40°C and +65°C. It is IK10, IP66/IP67/IP68, NEMA Type 4X and Type 6P protected and is wind-resistant up to 230 km/h. This ensures maximum protection against dust and bad weather, strong impacts or gusts of wind, and acts of vandalism.

Fujifilm and Videotec join forces to offer a solution for long-range surveillance applications

Fujifilm and Videotec announce a new collaboration, integrating top-performance products to supply an innovative solution for accurate long-range surveillance. This solution is ideal for protecting critical infrastructure and transportation networks, including airports, harbours, highways, borders and the environment. The combined system incorporates Fujifilm’s new high-end SX800 camera into Videotec’s ULISSE MAXI PTZ. Integrating the SX800 camera into the robust and precise ULISSE MAXI positioning unit is simple and fast, resulting in a first-class PTZ IP camera system for monitoring perimeters and extensive outdoor areas. Maximum resistance motors ULISSE MAXI is a powerful Full-IP PTZ for outdoor IP video surveillance, which can manage IP cameras with large-size lenses, with easy integration into a network system via ONVIF protocol. The sturdy mechanical structure and the powerful motors of the ULISSE MAXI PTZ are designed to guarantee maximum resistance to high operating stress, vibrations and to withstand harsh weather conditions. The unit is equipped with a wiper for removing rain and dust from the front glass. The SX800 camera lens offers a 40x optical zoom that covers a broad range of focal lengths from 20 mm on the wide-angle end to 800mm on the telephoto end, constantly providing sharp images and detailed closeups. It is complemented with 1.25x digital zoom to achieve long-range surveillance equivalent to 1000mm in focal length. The built-in image stabiliser accurately compensates for camera movement, typically caused by gusts of wind or structure vibrations. The system is particularly effective when shooting in the ultra-telephoto range, which is susceptible to even the smallest movement. Advanced de-fog function With a highly sensitive sensor and advanced noise reduction, the SX800 can shoot clear footage with minimal noise even in low-light conditions. The advanced de-fog function brings vivid clarity to hazy images caused by light diffusion due to mist and dust. Alessio Grotto, President of Videotec said: “Our ULISSE MAXI coupled with Fujifilm’s SX800 is the perfect solution when operating cameras in the most challenging environments, and to get the best possible image quality while meeting the needs of the most demanding long-range surveillance applications.”

Videotec releases NTX IP68 stainless steel thermal camera to provide preventative surveillance system

Videotec presents NTX, the new IP68 stainless steel thermal camera, developed to provide an efficient and preventative surveillance system in the most critical environmental conditions. The NTX thermal camera offers temperature detection based on the 4 central pixels of the image, and with the advanced version, the temperature of a specific object can be measured at any point in the image by means of defining a specific area. As well as this, the radiometric functions offer the option to set a temperature limit, beyond which an alarm will be raised. Unwanted intrusions These functions are necessary where fire prevention is required or in applications such as monitoring industrial processes or critical equipment, where the ability to identify something quickly and accurately, thus preventing problems or failures and keeping intervention times to a minimum, is essential. Configuring and controlling thermal image parameters is possible via the ONVIF Thermal Service Standard NTX can export all the data necessary for a centralised management of video feeds, data and alarms, and make it available to VMS via the ONVIF Profile S and Profile Q communication protocols. Also, configuring and controlling thermal image parameters is possible via the ONVIF Thermal Service Standard. NTX allows exploiting fully the features and the advantages offered by the thermal camera. This includes the ability to raise an alarm and initiate immediate actions in order to prevent accidents or unwanted intrusions into monitored areas. Adverse environmental conditions The NTX camera is made entirely from electropolished AISI316L stainless steel and stands out thanks to its compact design and light weight. This, and the fact that it can be connected quickly, makes installation and maintenance easier. The modular support for wall, ceiling or parapet is supplied as standard. The NTX has obtained Lloyd’s Register Marine Type Approval certification for the maritime and naval sector and complies with the standard for railway applications. NTX is exceptionally resistant to corrosion and has a wide operating temperature range (from -40°C to +65°C). Its IP66/IP67/IP68, NEMA Type 4X and Type 6P grades guarantee maximum protection and optimal camera operation in even the most adverse environmental conditions. The fact that the NTX is extremely sturdy and of high quality means it is ideal for the most demanding applications in the marine and industrial sectors, in critical infrastructures, power plants and transport sector, including railways and motorway tunnels.