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Videotec Overview:

Videotec has been a player in the professional video surveillance market since 1986, designing and manufacturing cameras and accessories for monitoring both civil and industrial external environments. Videotec is active across five continents, distributing to over 200 countries from the production site in Italy, through a network of three branches, two overseas offices and numerous selected partners.

Videotec PTZ and fixed cameras are high-performance and are made with the best quality and most robust materials. They are tested to withstand continuous use in the most extreme conditions, with no need for maintenance. The certified quality of Videotec products meets the strictest demands when it comes to monitoring in complex environments, such as in the oil and offshore industries, maritime and port industries, the transport sector – railways and airports – and across all types of critical infrastructure and industrial processes.

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  • ISO9001:2000, ATEX, IECExEN60950-1, IEC60950-1ULus Listed ISO Standards 9001FCC Part 15, Class B
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Videotec news

Videotec installs MPXHD PTZ cameras for Perusahaan Gas Negara in Indonesia

Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN) is a company in Indonesia for the transportation and distribution of natural gas. The total length of distribution pipelines of this company is 3,187 km, serving around 84 million customers. As the owner and operator of four transmission pipelines, PGN is responsible for guaranteeing security along the entire chain of conservation and distribution of gas and for delivering products and services in accordance with the needs of consumers. Securing gas supply lines During the transport phase, the gas is pushed through the pipelines at very high pressure. When it reaches the end-users, however, its delivery pressure must be adjusted so that it falls within an acceptable range (as detailed in the contractual delivery specifications). This is to prevent consumers from being exposed to the full transport pressure reached within the pipeline. A metre and regulator station is used to regulate the Natural Gas outlet pressure, and reduce it to an acceptable value. To this end, PGN has developed a meter and regulator station (the Master Control Station) that works via remote control, directed from the control room. This project plays an active role in the PGN's commitment to achieving Operational Excellence in process management, with the focus on optimising safety, improving efficiency and on maximising reliability throughout the gas supply chain operations. PTZ cameras and remote monitoring To guarantee reliability and security of the control function, it is necessary to monitor the process using specialised CCTV equipment for hazardous zones. 10 PTZ units from the MPXHD series have been chosen for the realisation of this surveillance system, because of their reliability in providing perfect video footage and their compliance with the security standards for operation in hazardous areas. The PTZ units are used to directly monitor the metreing and regulating operations remotely from the master control room.

Videotec’s NVX FULL HD corrosion-resistant camera supported with DELUX technology for exceptional night vision

Videotec is launching NVX, an IP FULL HD super low-light camera with high corrosion resistance. This camera incorporates the DELUX imaging and encoding technology for recording incredibly clear colour video day or night. Its extremely sensitive light sensor works with the DELUX technology to provide high colour rendering and maximum noise reduction in very low light conditions of 0.006 lux, or 0.0006 lux in black and white. Video images can be transmitted via network with H.264/AVC, MPEG4, MJPEG or JPEG compression, and it’s possible to have up to 3 simultaneous and independent Full HD video streams. The NVX external housing is made entirely from AISI316L stainless steel and has a compact and lightweight design that, along with the rapid connectors, helps installation and maintenance. Exceptional corrosion resistance The wiper and the modular bracket for wall/ceiling/parapet mounting come standard. NVX has exceptional corrosion resistance, a wide operational temperature range and IP66/IP67/IP68/IP69 protection. These features mean it is well suited to marine and industrial areas; such as the food industry and rail and motorway tunnels applications.

Videotec launches a suite of MBA explosion-proof communication boxes for potentially explosive environment

Videotec is expanding its range of explosion-proof products with the new MBA communication box, which has been designed for optimal installation of Maximus, IP or analogue cameras in potentially explosive environments. Much more than a simple junction box, this communication box provides low voltage local power and allows a fast Ethernet connection, thanks to the integrated Ethernet switch that has three RJ45 ports and an SFP port for fibre optic connection. The type of SFP module can be chosen according to the installation requirements. The internal spaces are designed to make access to cables easier and to increase user-friendliness when it comes to connection procedures. The internal circuitry also allows a bypass of analogue video signals, and all inputs/outputs available across MAXIMUS Videotec products. Epoxy-powder protective coating MBA has been designed to integrate and work exclusively with the MAXIMUS range of Videotec products, and so that it can connect a PTZ camera to the associated washing kit (or two fixed cameras to their washing kits). MBA is made of marine-grade aluminium that has an epoxy-powder protective coating. This means that the unit can operate in corrosive areas, such as industrial or marine environments. MBA is the complete and competitive solution for professional installation of the Videotec MAXIMUS range of explosion-proof products.