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Vanderbilt video products can detect, record, analyse and deter threats to your personnel and premises. Vanderbilt's product offering can grow with customers from basic analogue cameras to IP systems as part of an evolving integrated security management solution.

The array of products empowers you to make optimum decisions based on the best possible enterprise-wide data. The product range caters for any size of project. Whether your requirement is dome, bullet, fixed, PTZ cameras or a mix, Vanderbilt will combine surveillance with rapid retrieval, analytics and export all from a best-of-breed Video Management System.

Vanderbilt is driven by end-user and integrator feedback. Vanderbilt will equip you with Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and Network Video Recorders (NVR), compress your data with leading codecs, store it locally and in the Cloud, and guarantee your ideal resolution. Vanderbilt is scalable to meet your short, mid and long-term goals.

Vanderbilt video management case studies
Vanderbilt Liverpool Safe House case study Vanderbilt Douglas County Council case study Vanderbilt Access traffic monitoring solution case study
Safe House case study Public Sector case study Kent traffic case study
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Vanderbilt Industries news

What is the biggest change in the security industry since 2010?

Ten years is a long time, but it seems to pass in an instant in the world of security. In terms of technology, 2010 is ages ago. Changes in the market have been transformative during that decade, and we called on our Expert Panel Roundtable to highlight some of those changes. We asked this week’s panelists: What was the biggest change in the security industry in the 2010-2019 decade?  

Vanderbilt launches SPC Connect 3.0 intrusion detection solution that focuses on greater visibility for installers

Vanderbilt, a global provider of state-of-the-art security systems, has released the latest version of SPC Connect, the remotely managed, cloud-based, intrusion detection solution. This latest version, 3.0, includes an entirely reworked user interface and focuses on more intuitive user operations. “With this release, we believe that the evolution of SPC Connect has reached a new level,” said Alexander Scheffold, Product Manager, Vanderbilt. “One of Vanderbilt’s targets i...

What technology buzz will dominate the security industry in 2020?

The new year comes with new opportunities for the security industry, but what technologies will dominate our discussions in 2020? Topics such as artificial intelligence (AI) and HCI (hyperconverged infrastructure) became familiar in conversations during 2019, and they are likely to dominate our thoughts again in the new year. But other buzzwords are also gaining steam, such as “blockchain” and “frictionless access control.” Connectivity and the cloud will also be timely t...

Vanderbilt Industries case studies

Vanderbilt’s SPC Wireless devices are the perfect match for retail establishments

Vanderbilt’s SPC Wireless is an ideal fit for the retail sector. First off, SPC Wireless devices’ aesthetically appealing design is perfect to fit in with retail environments and compliment the surrounding environments of a modern-day retail store. But, as well as featuring a sleek design, the Wireless devices also have many standout features that specifically benefit the retail sector. Automatic power saving One of these benefits is long battery life as the devices are supported b...

Vanderbilt ACT365 addresses access control security concerns at Study Abroad University, London

Access control has become a central component for the safety and security strategies of today's schools, and due to the complicated threats and challenges these facilities face, a school's access control technology must be innovative and intelligent enough to ensure comprehensive protection. The education sector is a gateway to the future for young people all over the world. But to assure this passage, schools must guarantee their students safety as well as their education. One such example of...

Vanderbilt’s ACT365 cloud-based access control solution protects Work.Life facility in London

Security installation specialist Vision Security Services installed Vanderbilt’s ACT365, a cloud-based access control and video management system, at Work.Life, a co-working and private offices facility in London Fields, east London. The ACT365 solution was implemented late in the construction stage, as initially, the client had used a conventional system, before realising late-on the benefits available from cloud management. Essentially, the client needed unified management of access poi...