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Product Profile

Axxon Next is a limitlessly scalable Video Management Software that combines comprehensive support for 10,000+ IP devices and a streamlined user interface. Axxon Next offers unique value through features like smart forensic search in recorded video, TimeCompressor visual scene synopsis, and customizable video analytics powered by artificial intelligence.

Axxon Next features

AI-powered Analytics

Behavioral Analytics

Behavior Analytics recognizes hazardous situations by detecting specific human postures: for example, a cashier’s raised arms, or a person crouch­ing by an ATM. Early alarm notification enables the police or corporate securi­ty to neutralize the threat quickly.

Active Shooter detection

Based on Behavior Analytics, the Ac­tive Shooter detection tool performs real-time recognition of a person with a gunman’s demeanor. Swift alerts to first responders minimize the risks for individuals, groups, and facilities.

Tracking and counting specific object types

When applied to the Object Tracker, the neural network accurately detects specific types of moving objects, e.g. humans or vehicles. This technology can filter out false alarms in busy scenes where multiple moving objects might interfere with the results. You can apply any conventional video analytics (loitering, line crossing, object appearance and disappearance, etc.) to the detected objects.

The Neural Counter counts moving or static objects of a specific type within the scene, e.g. cars in a parking lot, people on the sales floor, wares moving on a conveyor belt, etc. This is a valuable tool for non-security-related solutions.

Neural networks can meet the needs of a particular facility by learning from video material obtained onsite.

Smoke and fire detection

Intelligent fire and smoke video de­tection operates in areas where other types of sensors are ineffective, e.g. in open spaces. It provides early detec­tion of fire hotspots which leads to a significant reduction in damage.

Number plate recognition

Configure automatic scenarios when a match is found. For instance, notify the operator if the recognized number is blacklisted. ANPR runs on the server side or on supported LPR/ANPR cameras.

Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit

OpenVINO™ is a toolkit for computer vision applications which extends workloads across Intel® hardware (including accelerators) and maximizes performance. Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit is applied for neural network inference in AxxonSoft AI analytics tools.

Axxon Next supports the latest Intel® Vision Accelerator Design products with Intel® Movidius™ VPU and Intel® Arria® 10 FPGA:

  • Neural Compute Stick 2
  • Mustang-V100-MX8
  • Mustang-F100-A10

AxxonSoft benchmarked neural network inference performance using OpenVINO™ toolkit on an Intel® Xeon® E5-2630 v3. The score is 8.3 up!

Smart Forensic Search


MomentQuest analyzes live video and generates a stream of metadata – a lean description of moving objects within the scene – which is recorded along with video stream. To retrieve recorded footage of an event of interest, just enter specific criteria: motion in area(s), crossing of a line, object color or size, etc. Within seconds the system displays thumbnails of relevant video episodes. Save a search query for later use on any camera.

Face and number plate search

Axxon Next captures and recognizes human faces and vehicle number plates. You can quickly check a person’s photo or a vehicle number, full or partial, against the video footage. Multiple camera search is also possible.


TimeCompressor captures objects in motion at different times and displays them in a condensed visual synopsis. The tool is a viable alternative to the painstaking process of scrolling through hours of footage. You can also view search results (MomentQuest, face and number plate search) in TimeCompressor mode.

Offline analytics

Use all the forensic search features with imported video.

Axxon Next Retail Pack

POS supervision

Axxon Next receives data from cash registers and links it to video feeds. The receipt text is superimposed on the video or displayed in a separate pane. This offers a full picture of what’s happening at the checkout. You can use receipt data to retrieve POS transaction videos from the recorded footage.

Queue management

The tool detects the number of people in queueing areas. Knowing actual customer numbers empowers you to manage human resources in both the short and long-term.

Visitor counter

This tool counts customers entering or exiting the store or a specific area. The information collected may be used, along with sales data, to estimate your sales conversion rate and/or for market research.

Facial recognition

Configure an automatic scenario, when a match is found. The positive list may notify store personnel of VIP customer arrivals, while the negative list may indicate shoplifters.

Age and gender guesstimation

The facial recognition tool guesstimates the age and gender of visitors. The saved data may be used for customer analysis, digital signage targeting, and other marketing purposes.

Heat map

A heat map is a graphic representation of visitor activity (visitor numbers/time spent) in different store areas. The heat map can be generated from tracking data for all objects or objects specified with forensic search criteria.

Online comprehensive reports

You can build custom reports based on POS transaction data, visitor count, queue length, age and gender guesstimation, and data generated by other Retail Pack tools. The web interface enables you to obtain reports from any store within your retail chain via the Internet.

Axxon Next versions


Evaluation version

  • Full functionality except replication of recorded video, cross-system client, and offline analytics
  • Works from 8:00 to 18:00


For smaller systems

  • Up to 64 cameras
  • Basic functionality
  • Video analytics


For demanding projects

  • Any scale
  • TimeCompressor visual scene synopsis
  • LPR, face and criteria-based forensic search, Tag&Track Pro (optional)


For projects of any complexity

  • Full functionality
  • Advanced features for large and distributed systems
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Technical Specification

Make AxxonSoft
Manufacturer AxxonSoft
Model code Axxon Next
Software Type Management Software
Additional info

A video surveillance system that combines innovative technologies and experience with deployment at tens of thousands of sites. A balanced product that can meet the needs of any project, whatever the scale or complexity.

  • Software
    • Runs on personal computers and servers
  • Any scale
    • No limit on the total number of servers and clients
  • Full functionality
    • Even if the system only has one camera
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