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In today's world of heightened security threats, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the availability of overwhelming amounts of data, comprehensively securing a single small facility is no easy task. Enterprise organisations tend to face even greater challenges when it comes to safety, as multiple people scattered throughout separate locations aiming to collaboratively respond to situations can easily become complicated.

Individual buildings, divisions and branches of a large and/or global enterprise each possess diverse needs when it comes to streamlining operations and overall security. Almost all organisations are facing the same types of risks, such as cybersecurity breaches, workplace violence and natural disasters, requiring the decision-making process to be efficiently unified across the enterprise.

Cybersecurity for enterprises

One of the biggest threats facing enterprise organisations is cybersecurity. One small mishap or leak can quickly lead to larger complications and even force the entire business to shut down altogether. This is where strategic decision-making proves to be essential: involving an IT department in security purchases and system implementations is critical for enterprise organisations to ensure the proposed system meets corporate IT data and security policies as well as the organisation’s required functional capabilities. Enterprises must also ensure regular software updates and enforce best practises for employees at all sites to keep data safe.

Event management and human resource systems, and open platforms allow integrators to better tailor a solution in accordance with an end user's needs

A second challenge enterprises must address is integration. In the past, manufacturers focused on providing products that worked well with other products within their own lines, but the development of open-platform technology has changed the game. Enterprises demand elevated integration across multiple security applications, event management and human resource systems, and open platforms allow integrators to better tailor a solution in accordance with an end user's needs. In the access control market, this requires manufacturers to provide systems that are easy to administer and manage to allow roles to be quickly and efficiently updated.

Security systems integration

Throughout the entire process, communication is key. Integrating multiple security systems together, such as access control and video, and enabling them to “talk” to one another in an encrypted manner is necessary for the accurate and timely sharing of relevant information and data. Using a single, intuitive platform that simplifies operations and streamlines workflows help to maximise investment by allowing enterprises to do more with existing resources, resulting in additional savings.

On a regular basis, business continuity and risk management procedures must be maintained across the enterprise for not only day-to-day users of security technology, but also employees and visitors. In the event of a security incident or emergency, businesses must ensure that all members of the organisation are properly trained and prepared to execute a cohesive and up-to-date response plan.

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