EyeLock LLC, a provider of iris-based identity authentication solutions, announced it will be showcasing the nano EXT, the most advanced outdoor iris identity authentication solution, at ISC West 2017, which takes place April 5-7, 2017 at the Sands Expo Centre in Las Vegas. ISC West is the largest security trade show in the U.S.

Vandal resistant construction

The nano EXT is designed to withstand EXTreme outdoor elements while providing unmatched security and convenience for data centres, banks, factories, industrial facilities, and office buildings. The nano EXT incorporates the following features:

  • IP-67 rating for operating in extreme outdoor conditions
  • IK-10 certification for its vandal-resistant construction
  • Standoff distance of 19-24 inches
  • ADA-compliant design
  • Instant auto-height adjusting

Further, the nano EXT integrates seamlessly with the various access control platforms, including Lenel, AMAG, Pacom, Software House, and Genetec, ensuring dependable, rapid, and hassle-free installation.

Advanced biometric technology

“The addition of an outdoor unit to our offering speaks directly to customers who want to implement a single technology approach for managing outdoor and indoor access control as well as to those looking to upgrade their exterior access points to the most advanced biometric technology,” said Anthony Antolino, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer of EyeLock.

EyeLock’s solutions are ideal for vertical markets including enterprise security, healthcare, stadiums, government, higher education, data centers, and more

EyeLock Identity Suite

Aside from the nano EXT, EyeLock is highlighting the following products and solutions at ISC West:

  • HBOX: An overhead iris-based identity authentication system. The flexible design accommodates multiple mounting environments from mobile stands, fixed frames, and wall mounts to new construction and existing retrofit configurations. HBOX is ideal for borders, customs, stadiums, office buildings, and the like.
  • nano NXT: A point of entry miniaturised iris-based recognition system. The nano NXT is an ideal replacement for card-based systems, and seamlessly controls access to secured entrances, server rooms, and any other physical
  • Portable template: Provides nano NXT users the option to store templates on a smartcard or mobile The portable template supports large user populations without the need to manage an iris template database or gain access to the network. The portable iris template solution provides next-level security with increased convenience and mobility.
  • EyeLock Identity Suite (EIS): A browser-based Centralised Management Application (CMA) which streamlines administration of EyeLock devices and users. EIS simplifies firmware updates and provides the ability to simultaneously manage multiple device settings and remote device diagnostics for online and offline devices.

EyeLock products will also be shown in the following booths: Stanley Security Booth #31073, AMAG Technology Booth #10053, and Vanderbilt Industries Booth #25075.

Identity management

EyeLock’s solutions are ideal for vertical markets including enterprise security, healthcare, stadiums, government, higher education, data centres, and more.

EyeLock's technology delivers an unprecedented level of convenience and security with unmatched biometric accuracy, making it the most proven way to authenticate one’s identity aside from DNA. EyeLock’s proprietary iris authentication technology looks at more than 240 unique iris characteristics and provides a fast, user-friendly experience. EyeLock is one of the only biometric companies in the world to own and control the entire software and algorithm stack, providing patented approaches to dual-eye authentication, an unmatched security architecture and anti-spoofing technology.

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