Kelly Bard will be working for Siemens’s UK sales team
Kelly has been in the security business for 8 years, working for Network Video Technologies

Security Products from Siemens has announced the addition of Kelly Bard to its UK sales team, taking the role of National Accounts Manager.

Kelly has been in the security business for 8 years, working for Network Video Technologies amongst others, with responsibility for sales in both UK and European markets.

On her decision to join Security Products from Siemens, Kelly said:  “Siemens has a very attractive product portfolio with a diverse range of products and a strong brand. I wanted to be part of a company that I could really believe in and I am confident that, with Siemens, I have achieved that”.

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Vanderbilt Industries case studies

Case studies
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Vanderbilt’s SPC was recently deployed to act as part of a security and communication solution between a toll booth and plaza located on the M1 between Dublin and Belfast. At night time, the toll system is automated and therefore an intruder alarm system was needed for protection. The distance between the toll booth and plaza is 6.2 kilometres and the security systems – SPC and video cameras – had to be able to connect and operate over that distance so operators could get an ov...

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Vanderbilt’s SPC intrusion detection is a solution worth banking on

As technology continues to catapult forward at a significant pace in the 21st century, banks are increasingly facing new security challenges to safeguard their buildings, staff, customers, and financial operations. Because of this, it is critical that banks invest in security systems that meet the complex and unique requirements of the financial environment. Vanderbilt’s SPC provides this solution through advanced, dedicated intruder detection features and products for banking applic...

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The municipal council of Odense, Denmark’s third biggest city, uses Vanderbilt’s SPC Connect to help monitor and maintain public buildings such as schools, libraries, museums, gyms, housing, and government offices. Remote and instant access Due to the number of buildings under their authority, the municipality of Odense needed a security solution that would provide remote and instant access to deal with potential alarms from any location, at any time. For example, a janitor in cha...