Access security specialist, Bewator has just launched a comprehensive and combined Access and Video Products Buyers Guide and Price List.  For the first time the brochure will provide customers with all the necessary pricing and integration information for both access and video products in one easy to follow document.

The Buyer's Guide and Price List reflects Bewator's ethos of providing its customers with cost effective and easy to use solutions, and combines access and video product specifications with price, system compatibility and company trade practices information. 

Bewator marketing manager, Magali Epin said: "We wanted to provide our customers with a reference document, which provides all the information they need to specify Bewator products or design systems to meet specific requirements.  We designed our new Buyer's Guide and Price List to be as comprehensive and easy to read as possible and aimed at enabling customers to quickly find everything they need."

Products are grouped in the guide according to function, with each product section also including a list of accessories available and system requirements.  This is the critical aspect of the guide, which ensures that installers are confident that they have considered all the necessary equipment before quoting for or starting on an installation.

Each product section also includes clear diagrams, providing information ranging from the installation process to the integration with other Bewator technologies.  These are complemented by, photographs showing the products installed and being used on site.  This allows the installers and the end users to fully understand what the final installation will look like and demonstrates how simple the products are to use.  Altogether, this creates an unrivalled guide, which will prove an indispensable tool to anyone involved in the installation or management of security systems.  The guide covers the full spectrum of Bewator security products and systems, including the latest additions to its comprehensive range: Solaris 26x zoom, Coaxialator, Entro Lite and Codoor - at the cutting-edge of access security systems.

The guide is also a source of useful information on other services offered by Bewator: from trading terms and product delivery and warranty information, to how to book one of our specialist training courses or contact a customer or technical adviser - everything required to conduct business with Bewator is covered.

If you would like to receive a copy of the Buyer's Guide and Price List or if you are interested in receiving further information about any of Bewator's products please contact Bewator on 0871 386 0810 or email

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