Peter Hawksworth, the company’s CEO, is confident that Security Products from Siemens is in a better position than ever to meet demands of diverse markets across Europe
The move will strengthen Siemens’ existing presence in the country

Security Products from Siemens has announced the completion of a process that has seen the successful transfer of its intruder detection business to Clonshaugh, Ireland. The move will strengthen its existing presence in the country and having its research and development (R&D), product management and customer service activities all centrally located will facilitate an improved experience for installers and end users of the company’s market leading panels and detectors.

Previously, the detection side of the operation was located in Switzerland, while the Irish operation handled the intruder panels. However, in order to facilitate greater cohesiveness and maximise the use of existing knowledge and skills, a migration programme was initiated in early 2014.

The Siemens organisation has a long association with Ireland, going back to 1874, and it now has in excess of 550 employees across its entire Irish operation. The construction of most of Ireland’s power plants, including the landmark Shannon hydroelectric scheme in 1929, and the provision of the country’s first computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners are among its major projects. The decision to relocate the intruder detection portfolio is a measure of Security Products from Siemens on-going confidence in the country’s facilities, home-grown talent and economic potential.

"The consolidation of our
intruder detection operation
will benefit all stakeholders
and increase our effectiveness
and efficiency"

The move comes at a perfect time, as Security Products from Siemens is currently experiencing tremendous growth across the whole of Europe for its CE and EN compliant intruder detection solutions.

Central to this success is its pioneering SPC IP enabled intruder alarm systems, as well as its passive infrared motion detector range that utilises the company's patented Magic Mirror technology to offer the highest standards in detection sensitivity in an extremely compact design. Both of these product sets have defined roadmaps and will benefit from innovative new variants being developed and added to their existing ranges, thus reinforcing their status in the security sector. In addition, all customers will now be able to trade using the euro, helping to eliminate any financial complexity.

With the integration of all the various skills and activities now completed, Peter Hawksworth, the company’s CEO, is confident that Security Products from Siemens is in a better position than ever to meet the demands of the diverse markets across Europe. He concludes, “The consolidation of our intruder detection operation will benefit all stakeholders and increase our effectiveness and efficiency both internally and externally. It is a move that makes perfect sense and we are delighted to be in a position where we can experience all the business benefits that being located in Ireland brings.”

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