Bo Kastensson leaves Bewator. Ottmar Matthias Müller becomes Head Centre of Competence/ Product Line Access Control.

In December 2005, Siemens Building Technologies (SBT) acquired Bewator. Over the course of the year and in the next few months, local Siemens and Bewator security products sales activities in all countries will have been brought together under one local management team.

The global product management responsibilities for both Siemens and Bewator access control products have been consolidated in Sweden, now representing the Centre of Competence/ Product Line Access Control within SBT.

As a result of the above changes, the former Group structure of Bewator ceases to exist and with it the associated CEO position. As a consequence, Bo Kastensson, has decided to leave the organization and pursue other interests.

Ottmar Matthias Müller, currently Head of Business Development and Global Account Management for Siemens Security Systems Division in Zug, Switzerland, has been appointed Head Centre of Competence/ Product Line Access Control.

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