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Making its debut at Security Essen, Siemens’ Aliro access control system is suitable for small to medium sized commercial applications
Taking centre stage will be Siemens’ Aliro access control, Vectis iX IP-based video recording solutions and SPC intruder alarm range

Security Products from Siemens has announced that it will be exhibiting at Security Essen 2014, which takes place between 23rd-26th September at Messe Essen, Norbertstraße, Germany.

Security Products from Siemens will be situated in the Mailand suite, in the congress Centre. Taking centre stage will be three of the latest additions to the company’s portfolio – the Aliro access control system, the Vectis iX family of IP-based video recording solutions and the SPC intruder alarm system range.

Making its debut at Security Essen, the Aliro access control system is suitable for small to medium sized commercial applications such as retail outlets, health centres or offices. It incorporates a flat system architecture with easy to use Internet based software and intuitive mobile applications. Offering a flexible yet robust access control solution, it enables system management from almost any device with Internet access and, as well as distributed applications, supports up to 512 doors, 10,000 users and 100,000 access cards. Aliro works with the new range of card readers announced earlier this year. These robust, attractive MiFare card readers feature an integral LED based screen that facilitates cardholder interaction by displaying messages based on a user’s individual credentials.

"Security Essen is one of the key
events in the industry calendar and
we look forward to welcoming visitors
to the Mailand suite, where our team
of experts will be on hand to talk
through the features and benefits of
our latest cutting edge innovations"

Also on show will be Siemens popular SPC intruder alarm system range, which has recently received approvals in line with the Swiss SES EMA, French NF and Belgian TO-14 (INCERT) standards, as well as EN50131 and EN50136 standards. This confirms that the products are suitable for use in applications where end users and their insurers require compliance with these standards. This makes the range a particularly attractive choice for installers and distributors that operate in more than one country, as they no longer need to order separate products for each market. The new approvals apply specifically to SPC control panels with the latest 3.4.5 firmware version and to the extended range of SPC peripherals, which includes the latest comfort keypads, key switches and indication expanders.

When it comes to high definition (HD) video, the new Vectis iX range of IP video recording solutions from Siemens will be of significant interest to attendees looking for performance that captures all the finest details. Setting new benchmarks in functionality, compatibility, speed, value for money and future proofing, Vectis iX is fully scalable and suitable for a diverse range of applications. Vectis iX comprises self-contained network video recorders (NVRs) and network video software (NVS), both of which are capable of recording full-HD images from up to 48 3MP cameras simultaneously at 25fps.

Joining Aliro, SPC and Vectis iX at Security Essen 2014 will be the new Magic PDM-IXx12/T and PDM-IXx18/T dual motion detectors, which offer reliable detection of intruders and high false alarm immunity. Their performance is based on an improved version of the Siemens Matchtec algorithm, which combines passive infrared and microwave channels to make extraordinarily accurate decisions on motion within their detection zone.

By securing the use of the Mailand room Siemens has taken an additional facility at the event to enable it to provide a programme of presentations and demonstrations to visitors. Attendees will also have the opportunity to win a Bluetooth hi-fi speaker.

Peter Hawksworth, CEO at Security Products from Siemens, commented, “Security Essen is one of the key events in the industry calendar and we look forward to welcoming visitors to the Mailand suite, where our team of experts will be on hand to talk through the features and benefits of our latest cutting edge innovations”.

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