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Regular service and maintenance of all security systems is very important to ensure a high level of security. With cloud-based solutions, updates and other services can be done remotely, which contributes to cost efficiency and sustainability.

"There is no doubt that access control solutions will be increasingly cloud-based systems," says Alex Holmström, Sales Director at ACRE International, which includes Vanderbilt Industries. ACRE International - with the Vanderbilt brand - is a global provider of physical electronic security systems. Alex Holmström emphasises that the trend towards cloud-based security systems is global.

Cloud-based access system

"We often hear from our partners around the world about what a great advantage cloud-based solutions, such as the ACT365 access system, give them in their work,”  he says. "The ACT365 combines a stable cloud-based access system with camera monitoring and provides the majority of advantages for both the installer and the system user,”  he says, emphasising the flexibility in managing different installations from a distance.

“The user can, via the modern and user-friendly interface, control the majority of installations in real time and take advantage of the remote diagnostics for various security systems provided by the system,” comments Holmström. Adding some additional features, he states: "The system enables the user to analyse events, generate evacuation reports, and link associated imagery from the surveillance cameras.”

Access control as a service

Our partners throughout the world are constantly developing new innovative integrations"

According to Alex Holmström, ACT365 is a system that is ideal for integrators or installation companies who want to create a service-based business model - Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) - or already have it. The system delivers information quickly and the system makes it easy for technicians to perform updates and services remotely.

"The ideal end-customer target groups are companies that have the majority of smaller or medium-sized facilities that are distributed over a larger geographical area. This can be, for example, in retail, or office space is a good target group. Our partners and various security installers throughout the world are constantly developing new innovative integrations between third-party systems and ACT365.”

Cloud-based solution

"Some examples of this could be integrations with different booking systems, Bank ID, QR code reading, and other interesting solutions,” says Holmström, who highlights an example from one of Vanderbilt's installation partners in England - Oliver Law Security Ltd (OLS) and the company Kronos Incorporated, a global provider of HR including time and attendance registration programs with operations in over 40 countries.

"They have developed an integration between ACT365 and Krono's cloud-based program "Workforce Dimensions" and created an effective system where the personnel department and the security department can benefit greatly from the same cloud-based solution for access control."

Advanced biometric solutions

Another trend in the global market that Holmström highlights is the growing demand for Bluetooth technology

"The administrative possibilities for HR are raised to a new level where all competent personnel can easily have full control over all their facilities, employees, and authorities - regardless of where they are in the world via a single platform like their mobile or desktop computer, which creates increased security and control.”

Another trend in the global market that Holmström highlights is the growing demand for Bluetooth technology and more advanced biometric solutions, together with Vanderbilt's various access systems.

Bluetooth Low Energy reader

"We recently launched a new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) reader, which was a welcome addition to our reader portfolio. Bluetooth is easy to implement in different security environments and it is easy to create, distribute and manage mobile credentials.”

With that said, Holmström believes that mobile solutions are another exciting part of the development in the security market.

"We are seeing an ever-increasing crime rate and that is obviously a challenge. Access systems here will play a more important role in ensuring that the right people have access and the most effective way to protect different values or people is to limit and control physical or virtual access."

Advanced encryption methods

He points out that the market for access systems is expected to grow by at least 8.5 percent annually by 2024

"Here we already see an increase in supply and demand for more advanced encryption methods, multi-stage identification, biometric solutions, and mobile credentials (identity bearer, red note), which enables faster automation and development of these solutions in the world.”

Holmström is convinced that the access control solutions of the future will be formed on the basis of a combination of openness, scalability, smart integrations and cloud services. He points out that the market for access systems is expected to grow by at least 8.5 percent annually by 2024.

Cloud-based future-proofing

"The general accessibility of access systems as a service (ACaaS) has improved significantly over the past two years and is expected to grow by about 20 percent per year during the corresponding period.”

Holmström believes that companies should adapt quickly and create unique offers and concepts for access control as a service (ACaaS).

"Cloud-based access control enables a future-proof business model that generates recurring revenue for security companies, but also a stronger service offering that lifts the customer experience to a higher level," he concludes.

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