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UNIONCOMMUNITY provides various biometric solutions such as access control, time attendance management, meal management, integrated control and image detection.

UNIONCOMMUNITY’s technology is widely known both in Korea's domestic market and overseas since the launch of its first fingerprint recognition access control system in 2000. It has continued to grow, distributing access control systems to local companies, state agencies, educational institutions, and military agencies by maintaining outstanding convenience, security and stability of products.

Its brands include Virdi, Nitgen and now UBio, representing the next-generation products, including facial and iris recognition terminals integrated with thermal cameras.

The company has an established presence in more than 100 countries around the world, including North America, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

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Chung-Ang University announces UNIONCOMMUNITY UBio-X Pro2 trial for body temperature measurement and face recognition

Chung-Ang University, one of the universities in Korea, announced that they would test-run the "untact face recognition device combined with body temperature detection system" at the test of the regular evaluation of TOPCIT (Test Of Practice in IT) on the 20th. Trial at TOPCIT Test TOPCIT is a test that evaluates actual competency required by software (SW) industrial sites and is being used in various ways, such as granting additional points when selecting human resources from public institutions, financial institutions, and large companies. Measuring Body temperature is possible in conjunction with thermal imaging cameras The Da Vinci SW Education Centre of Chung-Ang University plans to install the UBio-X Pro2, which measures body temperature, by recognising the faces of students entering and leaving the test site to prevent COVID-19 infection and safety of applicants. Candidates apply for non-face-to-face visits in advance and certify their entry on the same day. Deep learning algorithms for large crowds The face recognition system uses deep learning algorithms to authenticate a large number of people in a short time as it can be certified through various angles and up to 2 metres away. Measuring body temperature is possible in conjunction with thermal imaging cameras and access can be restricted when abnormal body temperature is detected. "It is an opportunity to pre-emptively prepare for the post-corona era through the application of various untact systems," said Yoon Kyung-Hyun, director of the SW Educational department. "It is more meaningful since two students from the software department at Chung-Ang University are participating in the team in charge of the UNIONCOMMUNITY, which developed the face recognition system, through the industry-academic cooperation in the SW-centred university project."

UNIONCOMMUNITY launches face recognition and body temperature measurements device

UNIONCOMMUNITY, specialised in biometric recognition, has launched a face recognition device combined with a body temperature check system. It was developed with South Korean technology. By integrating face recognition terminals and thermal imaging cameras, it can be used in places where many people access it. Since COVID 19, in Korea, large hospitals, public institutions, and sports facilities often use paper forms to manually record personal information and purpose of the entry for those who visit the facility. They also install thermal imaging cameras to monitor visitors' body temperature or managers check visitors' body temperature with a thermometer and write them down. Error-prone manual methods The method is difficult to match the results of body temperature measurements and access records, and there is a possibility of human errors by using hand. Also, there are disadvantages of stealing other people's identities or recording information differently from the facts. The system released by UNIONCOMMUNITY automatically carries out face recognition and body temperature measurements in a non-face-to-face manner that does not require a separate control. Thermal image cameras can accurately measure body temperature It records access results and body temperature automatically to the server just by entering the phone number of visitors, making it easy to manage the access logs. UBio-X Pro2 is an artificial intelligence (AI) deep learning-based facial recognition system. It is based on the thermal heat of people's temperature to a particular place. Devices can use photos taken from a mobile phone or an existing picture to register to the server to authenticate one's face. Access control system Since the face can be certified in a non-cooperative manner (walk-through) at various angles and up to 2 meters away, it can verify quickly and accurately even if a large number of people enter and exit within a short time. Thermal image cameras can accurately measure body temperature within ±0.5 degrees of error based on QVGA-class (384×288) images. If a visitor shows abnormal body temperature, a person's information (previously registered phone number) will be automatically saved with face recognition information in the access control system. Face images are not stored, instead, face templates extracted only facial features are stored For internal users with access information registered, the results of body temperature measurement are automatically stored on the server along with the access records. If an outsider visits, access registration can be made in advance using the non-face-to-face visit reservation management system. UNIONCOMMUNITY expects it to be useful in situations where pre-registration is required, such as seminars, education, and interviews. Since the mobile phone number one first enters acts as an ID, one can access the number and face as a credential of authentication when one revisits. Encrypted information storage Face images are not stored, instead, face templates extracted only facial features are stored, and all personal information, including face authentication information, is encrypted and stored. An official from UNIONCOMMUNITY said, "While protecting personal information for unspecified visitors in places where there is a high risk of infection due to a large number of people. Such as hospitals, shopping malls, clubs, and schools, it will be easy to manage and follow-up", adding, "We expect sales to rise as domestic and international demand for thermal imaging cameras linked with non-contact biometric increases, and we will strengthen promotions." Useful at various facilities UNIONCOMMUNITY and Chung-Ang University have decided to introduce this system to the 'TOPCIT' test, which is an IT competency index test conducted by the Ministry of Science and ICT. Chung-Ang University decided that non-face-to-face and automated UNIONCOMMUNITY solutions are a good way to prevent infection. "Based on our know-how in developing and selling biometric systems over the past two decades, we have launched a thermal detection solution that can effectively respond to COVID-19 crises," said Shin Yo-Sik, CEO of UNIONCOMMUNITY. "The new products can be easily used at sports facilities, educational institutions, school meal facilities, welfare facilities, exhibitions and seminars that bring together many people as well as public institutions and companies."

UNIONCOMMUNITY unveils multimodal iris recognition biometric system, UBio-X Iris with rising demand in COVID-19 period

UNIONCOMMUNITY has newly developed its iris recognition terminals (UBio-X Iris) that can recognise IRIS at a distance of 50cm. Sales are expected to increase this year with the launch of contactless new products such as face recognition devices. Amid the on-going COVID-19 crisis, the demand for the non-contact biometric method is growing popular and biometric recognition solutions firm, UNIONCOMMUNITY has announced to launch an iris recognition system on the 12th of May, 2020. UBio-X Iris, iris recognition system UNIONCOMMUNITY's iris recognition system "UBio-X Iris" is equipped with an auto tilting function, which automatically finds iris at a distance of up to 50 cm and quickly authenticates it. It is expected that it will be spotlighted in medical facilities, airports, and commercial facilities where there is a high risk of infection due to the large floating population by eliminating the rejection of the iris scanner. Multimodal iris and fingerprint recognition In particular, security and convenience have been further strengthened with the "multimodal type" product, which enables not only iris authentication but also the multi-modal authentication of iris and fingerprints, to differentiate it from existing companies’ products. It is also equipped with a high-performance iris recognition algorithm that enables 20,000 iris authentications within a second. Contactless biometric recognition solutions UNIONCOMMUNITY expects a significant increase in sales with the launch of the iris recognition system this year As the demand for contactless biometric recognition has expanded in the global market, UNIONCOMMUNITY expects a significant increase in sales with the launch of the iris recognition system this year. There has been a steady request for iris products in major exporting areas such as the Middle East Region. Unlike facial recognition, the introduction of an iris recognition system is accelerating, focusing on public institutions and others, given that recognition can be accurate and fast even if using hijab. Rising demand for iris-recognition products In addition, in case of iris distinction, even twins are also knowledgeable and even after plastic surgery, there is no problem with authentication. UNIONCOMMUNITY is planning to speed up the release of iris-recognition products, which were scheduled to be released in the second half of this year, and strengthen its promotion. Biometric recognition systems Shin Yo-sik (Yoshik Shin), CEO of UNIONCOMMUNITY, said, "Based on our know-how that has been developing and selling biometric recognition systems for the past 20 years, we have established an integrated biometric recognition system that encompasses iris, face, and fingerprints as of this year.” Shin Yo-sik adds, “We will expand our demand for non-contact products around the world and plan to increase sales by strengthening non-face-face-face-face biometric products and security solutions."