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Traffic Safety Systems (TSS) is a part of the AD Group and is a major supplier and manufacturer of traffic law enforcement & video surveillance technology to customers worldwide.  TSS develops a comprehensive range of security, surveillance and road policing products for mobile applications, satisfying the growing demand of local authorities, police and emergency services.

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Traffic Safety Systems Ltd news

Chris Connor joins AD Network Video as Business Development Manager

Connor will be building a surveillance monitoring client base across the AD Network Video range AD Network Video, the solutions arm of AD Group, has recruited experienced business development manager Chris Connor. Connor's role Connor, who joins from deView Europe, will be building a surveillance monitoring client base across the AD Network Video range with a special emphasise on the education, healthcare, petrochemical and retail markets. His focus will be to generate large end-user projects based. In addition to CCTV solutions, Connor will be developing new opportunities for AD Network Video's fire detection solution. FireVu offers a video based early detection for flame, smoke and can be combined with a thermopile capability (temperature sensing). AD Network Video provides tailored high-end secure IP video solutions, with consultancy, for clients that demand systems that deliver effectiveness, reliability and return on investment. It comprises a suite of solutions through its brands – RemGuard, AD Aerospace, TransVu, TSS as well as FireVu. COO of AD Network Video and AD Group comments Pauline Norstrom, chief operating officer of AD Network Video and AD Group comments: “AD Group has put considerable investment and time, with its in-house development team, in bringing to market solutions that solve pressing client issues. The growth of the business development team reflects our belief that we have listened to the market and we have the solutions that can generate a demonstrable return on investment.”

TSS delivers record mobile CCTV export order to assist Romanian Police with traffic surveillance

Radar Autovision is a compact, vehicle mounted, digital CCTV video systemTraffic Safety Systems (TSS) - part of AD Group - announces that it has delivered a multi-million pound in-vehicle CCTV order to the Romanian Police for 449 of its state-of-the-art Radar Autovision systems. The deal is the largest single order ever fulfilled by the company for its advanced roads policing equipment. This Romanian contract reflects a strong overall export performance by the Oxfordshire-based business, which has seen sales outside the UK grow by 671% year-on-year, a performance that has also led to it being short listed in the International Achievement category of the Security Excellence Awards 2010.TSS acted as the lead equipment supplier in a consortium that was created specifically to tender for the Romanian work. UTI, a Romanian based company and leader of the local security market, was the main partner in this project and the party responsible for the installation and maintenance of the TSS supplied systems, as well as for training the Romanian Police in their use.The CCTV-based Radar Autovision systems were all fitted by the UTI team into locally manufactured Dacia and Logan (Renault Romania) Police vehicles. They are to be used primarily by the Romanian Police for roads traffic policing to reduce accidents and make the roads safer. These systems will help the Police to successfully prosecute those engaging in poor driver behaviour such as speeding and dangerous driving. Ron Coleman, Marketing Director at TSS said: "This Romanian contract is certainly a landmark for us and our partners in the winning consortium and follows on from successful equipment trials. As well as being the biggest deal we have ever been involved with, it is likely to rank as one of the largest single orders for this type of technology outside the UK. We are also extremely pleased that our international sales focus, which now accounts for 70% of our turnover, has been acknowledged with the recent announcement that TSS is a Finalist in the Security Excellence Awards." The CCTV-based Radar Autovision systems were fitted into Dacia and Logan Police vehicles Coleman believes that TSS's previous experience in Romania has paid dividends in terms of securing the lucrative deal: "The Romanian Police were already well acquainted with the benefits of mobile systems for roads policing - albeit on a much smaller scale - having been operating an earlier generation of tape-based Radar Autovision systems from TSS which we supplied back in 2001.""Another major driver for the process was the fact that, as a new fully fledged member of the European Union (EU), the Romanian Police were naturally keen to upgrade to digital mobile CCTV technology to bring them into line with forces in other EU countries. A key step for us was putting the Radar Autovision system through the Romanian Metrology Department's homologation procedure which meant that its operation in the country could be officially sanctioned."Looking in more detail at the systems being deployed in Romania, Radar Autovision is a compact, vehicle mounted, digital CCTV video system which supports simultaneous recording and playback and features a 30 second pre-record facility to ensure that critical events are not missed. It combines accurate speed measurement (by radar) with the recording of digital CCTV evidence of a target vehicle - through a powerful forward facing colour/infrared camera with 18x optical zoom and ruggedised Digital Video Recorder - and can be used to equal effect in both static and mobile mode. Significantly, Radar Autovision provides the facility to measure speeds from multiple lanes, of vehicles travelling both towards and away from the Police vehicle and is a very cost effective and efficient alternative to traditional mobile speed cameras.Commented Pauline Norstrom, Board Director at AD Group the parent company of TSS: "We are delighted with the decision of the Romanian Police to adopt TSS's technology for their vehicles and believe that the success - and scale - of this ambitious project in Romania underlines the ability of TSS to work with overseas partners, and police forces, to deliver a positive result. There is little doubt that its efforts in this case will help to drive future orders not only in Eastern Europe but also worldwide."For more information about TSS and its solutions please contact on +44 (0) 870 161 7100, email or visit the TSS web site. The final results of the Security Excellence Awards 2010, where TSS is a Finalist in the International Achievement category, will be announced on 21 October 2010 at the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London.

Traffic Safety Systems delivers mobile CCTV solution to help Guilford Borough Council tackle environmental crime

  Traffic Safety Systems has fitted new vehicles with PatrolVu mobile digital CCTV recording technologyTSS (Traffic Safety Systems) - part of AD Group - has equipped three vehicles operated by Guildford Borough Council in Surrey, England, with its advanced PatrolVu mobile digital CCTV recording technology to tackle a wide range of enforcement issues in the area from lorries discharging their loads on the public highway - with associated clean-up costs - to dog fouling and anti-social behaviour. Looking at the three vehicles in more detail, Guildford is now deploying two Connect vans and one larger Transit van. The first Connect van features high visibility livery and is a Safer Guildford ‘Partnership' vehicle operated on behalf of Surrey Police and Guildford Borough Council. Usually crewed by Council staff, its primary role is environmental enforcement. In terms of CCTV, TSS has fitted out this brand new vehicle with PatrolVu digital CCTV recording; a roof mounted 360 degree, Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera; a forward facing camera and a camera which can look down the right hand side of the vehicle - this is ideal for capturing images of someone who may be disposing of litter inappropriately.The second of the Connect vans is used, specifically, by the Council's Neighbourhood & Housing Management service unit to deal with issues regarding estate and tenancy management and to gather supporting evidence. In addition, to more overt CCTV technology, this vehicle incorporates a covert rearward facing pinhole camera.Guildford's final vehicle, featuring TSS mobile CCTV, is a Dog Warden's Transit van, which is focused primarily on dealing with stray, dangerous dogs and dog fouling. This older van has now been completely updated with the PatrolVu digital CCTV solution, forward facing cameras, hand controller and dashboard monitor.Commented Gary Kirk, Environmental Enforcement Officer, Guildford Borough Council, who oversees the operation of two of the three vehicles: "In the Environmental Enforcement Department we are focused on what I would term ‘enviro crime' and it is very much a constant battle using education, deterrent measures - such as CCTV - and enforcement action to keep our streets, roads, parks and countryside free of illegally dumped waste and litter.  "At Guilford we have been using TSS technology in various guises for the past four to five years""At Guildford we have been using TSS technology in various guises for the past four to five years, with initial interest stemming from a visit to Southampton who were already using mobile CCTV from an environmental perspective. We were able to appreciate the operational benefits at first hand and this led to our first Partnership vehicle, a Bedford Midi, with an agreement that the ‘pilot' CCTV system - a predecessor of the much more capable PatrolVu - paid for by the Safer Guildford Partnership (local Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership).   "The funding for SGP comes from a variety of sources, the main one being the Government Office for the South-East. On the whole the vehicle is crewed by Guildford Borough Council staff. Today this capability has been much enhanced with our three vans all equipped with the latest digital CCTV technology." Driving down commercial vehicle problems When it comes to environmental enforcement, one area where Guildford's high visibility Partnership vehicle has proved to be especially successful is in dealing with commercial vehicles carelessly discharging their loads. Explained Gary Kirk: "In Guildford we have the extremely busy A3 trunk road running through the town, unfortunately, as a consequence we see a considerable number of bulk carriers whose canvas sheeting has not been tied-down correctly. This leads to some of the load ending-up on the carriageway - with all of the negative ramifications this brings for road safety and the environment."To address this we frequently park-up the Partnership vehicle in an adjacent lay-by and sit and watch for offenders to drive through the area. The 30 second pre-alarm facility on the PatrolVu is certainly invaluable, meaning that we only have to store evidence of real incidents on the hard drive as, when we spot something, we know that the lead-up will automatically be available for review. "The result is less waste to be cleared up, a reduced impact on the environment, and the haulier in question is not losing valuable cargo in transit" "In terms of identifying the culprits we typically seek to capture the vehicle's license plate and use the Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) camera on the van's roof for driver recognition. With the information gathered we can then readily trace the haulage company concerned and present them with the evidence of their driver's transgressions."To put this problem into perspective, the last vehicle ‘litter' clean-up on the A3 trunk road cost Guildford Borough Council £30,000 for a couple of evenings of work and there was also the inconvenience of the associated lane closures. So it makes sense for us to tackle this issue head-on and so, ultimately, change behaviour."On a positive note we have had encouraging feedback from meetings with hauliers in the Guildford area. One local haulier, who was previously a frequent offender upon seeing our evidence has now changed their practices for the better. The result is less waste to be cleared up, a reduced impact on the environment, and the haulier in question is not losing valuable cargo in transit."Flexible CCTV deploymentOther incidents where the Partnership vehicle has been called into action include the Foot and Mouth outbreak two years ago, where the team was tasked with helping to secure an exclusion zone by providing a protection patrol.The high visibility vehicle can also be deployed at the request of Surrey Police to provide support at key hotspots when specific events are underway in Guilford, especially to focus on areas which are not covered by the town centre CCTV.  In addition, the vehicle is available for specific police operations such as Safer Neighbourhood Patrols (SNAP for short) where it can be brought into an area and parked-up to deal with anti-social behaviour and underage drinking. When the TSS-equipped Partnership vehicle is operating in a policing role, in addition to the Council's team of operators, a police officer will be positioned in the vehicle's passenger seat where there is ‘dual' control capability for the CCTV.Commented Gary: "Although our main tasking is environmental enforcement we can - and do - provide a powerful resource for the police should the need arise. A recent example is when we were deployed to a nearby village where anti-social behaviour was becoming an issue behind a row of shops. The presence of the high visibility CCTV van helped to defuse the situation and reassure the community, with an immediate drop in anti-social behaviour.  In fact we were able to use the CCTV technology to engage with many of the teenagers in the village, who were encouraged to sit in the vehicle and look at the CCTV cameras in action, and certainly we felt that this helped to break down some of the barriers."  The flexible CCTV deployment offered by PatrolVu-fitted vehicles enables officers to deal with a wide range of issuesEducation continues to be seen by Guildford as a key element of the work of the Environmental Enforcement Department. Gary and the rest of his team frequently park-up their Partnership vehicle on Guildford's High Street, and at local schools, to explain what they are doing in terms of clamping down on environmental issues such as littering. The very presence of the vehicle acts as a talking point and tends to make potential offenders think again.Said Jeremy Coleman, Sales Manager at TSS: "Ultimately, the experience of Guildford Borough Council with its TSS-equipped mobile CCTV vehicles underlines the inherent flexibility of technology which can be deployed rapidly to deal with a wide range of issues, both as a deterrent and, crucially, to gather valuable evidence against offenders so effective enforcement action can be taken."