SMARTair™ Vertical applications

SMARTair™ provides secure access for government offices For medical centres, psychiatric facilities, and old people’s homes, SMARTair™ secures restricted areas
SMARTair™ provides secure access for government offices, museums, city facilities, auditoriums, cultural centres, theatres, and railway stations that see a diverse range of foot traffic.
Denmark Griskov (Denmark)
For medical centres, psychiatric facilities, and old people’s homes, SMARTair™ secures restricted areas where drugs, personal and sensitive data are stored, while protecting vulnerable patients and employees. These facilities need 24/7 secure access. What is more, the system can be supplied with the latest anti-bacterial coating.
Hospital 12 October, Madrid (Spain)
A-hus, Oslo (Norway)
SMARTair™ secures schools, colleges, universities, kindergartens, academies, and Student acommodation against vandalism and theft ASSA ABLOY at Ahoy

SMARTair™ secures schools, colleges, universities, kindergartens, academies, and Student acommodation against vandalism and theft.
University of Commillas, Madrid (Spain)
BTH Uni (Sweden)

For offices, factories, shops, shopping centres and pharmacies, SMARTair™ provides a sophisticated, but flexible security solution to protect buildings and interiors. Valuable company data and products will be secure against unauthorised access.
Research centre INTA Madrid (Spain) 

University of Liverpool secured by Aperio University of Surrey secured by Aperio
For facilities managers of apartment blocks, student accommodation, social housing, holiday rentals and guest houses, SMARTair™ solves the problem of copying or replacing traditional locks and keys.
Student accommodation Rialto Court, Durham (UK)

SMARTair™ is the perfect access control solution for stadiums, gyms, arenas, health spas, and swimming pools which often have a number of different service areas and entry points. SMARTair™ also offers a special cabinet lock for lockers.
Belgian FitFactor (Belgium)
Football stadium RCD (Spain)


TESA news

Download: Securing student accommodation for the next generation

Students consider many factors when choosing where to study and to live. Undoubtedly, they are increasingly aware of their security needs.  Halls of residence that work in tandem with modern lifestyle technologies are attractive to this new generation of students. Simply installing some basic PIN-pads at communal entrances, with no intelligent access control back-up, is little better than a wide open door. The real key is electronic access control. This white paper from ASSA ABLOY&nb...

Wireless access control sees major growth in 2016

The shift from wired to wireless access control was expected to gather pace in 2016—and that has happened. This year we at Assa Abloy surveyed a large cross-section of security professionals, seeking their insight into the changing market. Comparing our data with research we did in 2014 showed a clear trend towards wireless access control.   Wireless access data Our 2014 survey found 23% of commercial properties using a wireless or hybrid wired/wireless access control s...

Wireless access control moves closer to mainstream adoption, with more potential waiting to be tapped

Everything about wireless access control makes life easier for those who install and operate it A lot of market data crosses my desk at ASSA ABLOY. Sometimes it can be hard to spot patterns or pick out the trends. But not always. Some recent access control market research we commissioned pointed in one direction. Our conclusion? Slowly but surely, access control is becoming a wireless technology As the global leader in door opening solutions, we are able to survey a large,...

TESA case studies

Case studies
Securing student accommodation with SMARTair™ access control

Given the choice, would you rather run security at a bank vault or at a student halls of residence? At least the bank job is straightforward: Keep the money inside, and everyone else out. If only protecting hundreds of young people was so easy.   Securing student accommodation Student accommodation blocks are usually large, with high traffic moving from bedrooms to common areas, canteens and libraries. A single resident travelling between her room, a study area, the gym and a...

Case studies
SMARTair™ advanced wireless access control utilised by the Casa de la Misericordia care home in Pamplona

When it comes to securing a residential care home, there are no second chances. You need access control you can trust. In Pamplona, the Casa de la Misericordia care home put its trust in SMARTair™, advanced wireless access control from ASSA ABLOY. Caring for elderly residents Caring for vulnerable or elderly people presents a unique set of security challenges. Crucially when it comes to access control, residents may find it difficult to adapt to new or complex technology. Yet at the same...

Case studies
SMARTair™ equips new offices in Alicante with real-time access control and modern design

At one of Spain’s newest co-working spaces, the founders’ vision incorporated using the latest in security, accessibility and design to create a 21st-century business centre. Flexible and wire-free, SMARTair™ from TESA delivers real-time access control that can accommodate both regular daily traffic and busy one-off events at ULab’s dedicated events area. SMARTair Wireless Online management SMARTair™ Wireless Online management now enables access to the building an...