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Surveon Technology offers end-to-end network video surveillance solutions that showcases their expertise in professional camera design, high-availability video storage, embedded firmware and video management software. All their products are designed in-house and manufactured at their ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified production site. Surveon Technology's highly integrated, proven, and reliable product lineup helps reduce integration effort and compatibility risks, while maximising profits for security partners.
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Surveon Technology Inc news

Surveon Cloud NVR GSe Pro 3008 series enhances enterprise's productivity by providing the best system scalability

Surveon Technology, the enterprise NVR solutions provider, announced that the GSe Pro 3008 Series has been added to their cloud NVR solutions. With the growth of data, more and more enterprises face the need to transform their storage infrastructure. The GSe Pro 3008 Series supports SAN, NAS, DAS, NVR and cloud in one unified storage system, assisting enterprises to expand their data storage to cloud by adjusting system setups according to actual requirements, not only reducing the maintenance effort for IT but also enhancing enterprises' productivity by providing the best system scalability. Cloud storage GSe Pro 3008 Series offers a perfect solution to file sharing and collaboration between headquarter and ROBO across different geographical locations. The major benefit is that it leverages cloud storage as a centralised database, which stores and keeps project emails and shared documents up to date. Thus, no time is wasted when searching for what you need. Data protection GSe Pro 3008 Series offers ample data capacity of up to 428 drives for extended recording capabilities. Moreover, it supports 12GB/s SAS interface on drive sides, speeding up data transfer and meeting the new NVR standard for enterprise application. With built-in Infortrend patent RAID with Intelligent Drive Integrity (IDR), GSe Pro 3008 Series is able to prevent data corruption, copying and cloning data before the disk fails. Surveon NVR advantages GSe Pro 1004 Series is native with Surveon NVR advantages of enterprise design, data protection, high reliability, and further provides rich built-in application services such as NVR, LDAP, Proxy, VPN and Syslog Server for partners to reduce IT environment deployment.

Surveon’s surveillance solutions ensure effective security for Bolivia’s customs building

Surveon Technology, the complete megapixel solutions provider, has announced that Bolivia customs building has deployed Surveon’s solutions as their partner for security application. With Surveon’s end-to-end surveillance solutions, including hundreds of high-resolution cameras, six corporate NVRs and feature-rich VMS, the laboratory, parking lots and meeting rooms of customs are under solid protection, allowing the staff can deliver the services with best efficiency. The Bolivia customs building built by the government tends to be spacious enough to fill in with the crowds, containing many sections which have specific functions, such as laboratory for inspecting goods and dog training centre for training drug detection dogs. Customs needs to rely on a reliable system with improved images with wider coverage to cover every corner around the building.The iSCSI storage provides functions such as local or remote replication to further strengthen data retention Efficient camera coverage and data storage Surveon cameras provide superior image quality, allowing security guards to recognise crucial details even under outdoor lighting contrast, such as parking lots. In addition, the 3MP indoor dome cameras provide 1.5-time larger monitoring range than Full HD cameras, giving the customs a budget-saving option without installing extra cameras for wider monitoring range. To avoid the loss of confidential data from customs surveillance system, the data retention period and protection are particularly important to the planning and acceptance of customs security. The NVR2100 Series supports up to 64 CH 5MP recording and meets any requirements from 48 to 448 TB, providing reliable performance for 180-day non-stop recording. Besides, the iSCSI storage itself provides functions such as local or remote replication to further strengthen data retention, giving this project a scalable solution for backup usage. Effective data security Featuring storage subsystem with RAID 1, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60, the NVR2100 Series provides solid data protection to the customs. The hot-swappable, redundant components, cable-less design, cooling fan modules and power supplies also ensure system stability for the customs. Surveon’s enterprise VMS offers rich services, including camera control, live monitoring, recording, configurable playback, real-time video analytics and so on, ensuring the accurate actions can be taken immediately to prevent any accidents. "Surveon provides the best C/P value solutions for the customs and improves its whole security system with high-reliability products. We are satisfied with the result and I'm sure we will keep choosing Surveon's solutions in the future projects." said VisionLine, Surveon’s major partner in Bolivia.

Surveon enhances campus security with range of cameras, NVRs and real time video analytics

Safety remains a critical concern for schools with violence, burglaries and shooting incidents appearing frequently on the headlines. To capture, alarm, track crimes and create safer learning environments for students and faculties, schools are progressively looking toward integrated and smarter surveillance solutions. Surveon provides education solutions with complete product lines, including high-resolution cameras with extremely low RMA rate, NVRs with premium-grade RAID function as well as feature-rich VMS with real-time video analytics and notifications, ensuring rapid and accurate actions can be taken to protect the students and faculties from threats in time. Intelligent cameras with immediate alertSurveon’s 3MP cameras provide 1.5-time larger area coverage  In order to upgrade and design a suitable system for schools, system integrators might face some challenges such as wide area monitoring and the integration of access control. Surveon’s 3MP cameras provide 1.5-time larger area coverage at 30 FPS and support 3-axis adjustment for flexible hardware installation, offering the best C/P value solution for monitoring wide areas. Moreover, Surveon's Video Analytics Series cameras can be installed for areas that might need extra attention, such as hallways or building entrances, to send the immediate alert for possible actions if any. RAID NVR with solid data protection A reliable storage system that supports 24/7 continuous recording is necessary for school projects. Surveon NVRs provide patent RAID protection and allow partners to easily expand the storage via local SAS port or iSCSI interface to fulfill the demand of campus surveillance. Enterprise VMS with multi-access management Surveon Control Center (CMS) can collect data to receive events such as intrusion detection and fire alarm with high I/O, warning the teachers and students across departments and making sure things are under control. The multiple accesses from web, remote, and mobile clients allow security guards to manage surveillance from every concern of the school so that incidents such as theft and vandalism can be stopped in time. Surveon Control Center (CMS) can collect data to receive events such as intrusion detection and fire alarm Smooth integration with access control Some schools might have campuses more open than the others in terms of boundary, so school authorities expect the surveillance solution to offer one easy and consistent access, making security system more efficient on campus. Surveon's products are fully compatible with major third party access control systems, providing both efficient and economical solutions for school surveillance. Surveon's education solutions have been successfully safeguarded the Kainan University in Taiwan. “The megapixel video quality and industrial grade designs of Surveon cameras were already very attractive to us. However, we were absolutely sold on the versatility of the CMS solution. We believed this type of setup was beyond our price range before being presented with Surveon’s solutions”, said the partner in Taiwan.