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Suprema Overview:

Suprema is a global leader in biometrics and securities technology. By combining world renowned biometric algorithms with superior engineering, Suprema is able to continually develop and manufacture reliable industry leading products. Suprema’s extensive portfolio of products include biometric access control systems, time & attendance devices, fingerprint/live scanners and embedded fingerprint modules.

Suprema supports world wide sales network that spans across more than 133 countries around the world and was the first biometrics company listed on Korea's stock market (KOSDAQ 094840)

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  • ISO14001
  • ISO9001
  • FBI IQS Appendix F for live-scanners
  • UL certification for access control products
  • CE/FCC certifications for all access control products
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Suprema news

Suprema’s new X-Station 2 supports mobile access, QR codes and RFID cards

Suprema, a global pioneer in access control, biometrics, and time & attendance solutions, announced the new product launch of the X-Station 2, a versatile intelligent terminal with credential options of mobile access, QR, and barcodes as well as RFID cards and PIN. Multiple credential options X-Station 2 enables flexible access control system design by supporting multiple credential options. The terminal is compatible with most types of existing RFID cards including EM, MIFARE, iCLASS, DESFire, and FeliCa, but also lets users go card-less by offering mobile credential options including QR codes and barcodes. The terminal can read QR codes and barcodes composed of up to 32 ASCII code strings issued on Suprema BioStar 2 or 3rd party systems. X-Station 2 can also communicate with NFC and BLE signals, allowing both Android and iOS device owners to use mobile access. Key features  X-Station 2 improves security while safeguarding user data Equipped with a secure boot process, Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP), and cameras for image log capture, X-Station 2 improves security while safeguarding user data. X-Station 2 is also easy to install, use and maintain with features like Power over Ethernet (PoE), intuitive GUI on a 4” wide touchscreen, and IP65 rating. Versatile options X-Station 2’s various credential options allow it to meet all kinds of access control needs. Visitors can be issued QR codes or temporary mobile access cards while employees and registered users can use RFID cards and PIN codes to access areas that require additional security. When used in combination with BioStar 2 or 3rd party software with time and attendance, HR management features, X-Station 2 can track employee work hours, completed tasks as well as vacation days, photocopy credits, canteen tickets, and subscription validity. “X-Station 2 is a truly versatile terminal that can be installed in any facility with time and attendance, visitor management, and access control needs. Its mobile credential options of QR code and mobile access cards can also satisfy contactless and non-face-to-face needs. I’m excited to see how the market will respond to X-Station 2,” said Hanchul Kim, CEO of Suprema Inc.

Inner Range releases an upgrade to their Integriti software with support for biometrics and real time location tracking

Access control and security system designer and manufacturer Inner Range has released a new upgrade for its Enterprise-level system Integriti, which includes integrations with Suprema biometrics and Quuppa real time location tracking. The Version 21 update is available now for all new and existing customers. The new integration with Suprema allows users to add thumb and face scans as access credentials, which can be used in addition to smartcards and PIN for high security with trouble-free access. Providing extra security The integration with Quuppa means tagged information from the Quuppa system can be associated with Integriti entities, allowing direct control of the asset from either system. The asset could be an object, or a user associated with it. The location of tagged assets can be made visible on Integriti’s schematic of the site, alongside all other access and security devices. Operators can access all cameras with the asset in their field of view, if fields of view are configured. Alert protocols can be set up with bespoke criteria and operators can track and view the asset instantly if an alert is triggered. The update also means Integriti supports Two Factor Authentication (2FA), providing extra security when operators login. Security management system Our latest version of Integriti gives users more options for managing access" Operators must enter a time-based six-digit code from a registered smartphone or personal device as well as their usual username and password to login to the system. They can also generate an emergency back-up code if they lose, forget or can’t access their personal device. Tim Northwood, General Manager at Inner Range, said: “Our latest version of Integriti gives users more options for managing access, whether that’s using biometric credentials or Two Factor Authentication. It also provides greater precision in how they can tailor individual elements of a sophisticated, integrated security management system for the most unified and effective approach to access, security and smart building management.” Intelligent security solutions Other improvements include an overhaul of Integriti’s schematics. Integrated CCTV camera ‘fields of view’ can now be accurately plotted via the ‘schematics editor’, while there are more options and control for users in how devices, assets and alerts appear. Pre-set positions for PTZ cameras are also now possible for integrated entities, such as doors. This means operators can access the right live footage quicker and more easily when they need to. Inner Range has been a pioneer in the design and manufacture of intelligent security solutions since it was established in 1988. Inner Range systems have been installed in over 25 countries. Customers include hospitals and high-security units, colleges, distribution centres and pharmaceutical companies, government and critical national infrastructure.

Suprema’s outdoor compact card reader XPass D2 has been verified by SIA as OSDP compliant

Suprema, a pioneer in access control, biometrics and time & attendance solutions, announces that its compact outdoor RFID reader, XPass D2 has been verified by SIA as OSDP compliant. OSDP, or Open Supervised Device Protocol, is an open-source protocol devised to improve interoperability among access control products from different manufacturers. OSDP enables bi-directional communication between readers and controllers, an improvement from one-way data transmission of Wiegand interface. Innovative member companies OSDP also offers enhanced security by using RS-485 protocols with AES-128 encryption that fully protects communication paths from the reader to the server. The Security Industry Association (SIA) is the trade association for global security solution providers SIA, Security Industry Association, has driven the OSDP technology by administering a comprehensive testing program to validate if a device conforms to its OSDP standards and related performance profiles. The Security Industry Association (SIA) is the trade association for global security solution providers, with over 1,100 innovative member companies. Mobile credential solution Suprema’s accredited product, XPass D2, is an IP67 and IK08 rated compact outdoor card reader that comes in three form factors of mullion-mount, gang box and gang box with keypads. XPass D2 is compatible not only with RFID cards but also with Suprema mobile access, mobile credential solution that can communicate via BLE and NFC with both iOS and Android smartphones. “We are happy to announce that Suprema XPass D2 acquired OSDP certification from SIA. OSDP is an open protocol aimed to increase interoperability between different OEM products and overall security in access control systems and the certification shows that Suprema products are meeting industry’s newest and highest standards. We will be committed to making all of our products OSDP compliant moving forward,” said Hanchul Kim, the CEO of Suprema Inc.