OnSSI recently announced the acquisition of SeeTec AG
The company releases Ocularis v5.0 video management software at ISC West in Las Vegas

On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. (OnSSI) continues to solidify its position in the evolving VMS arena by expanding its global presence and introducing new VMS solutions for existing and new customers. The company’s expansion is being fueled by the acquisition of SeeTec, a leading VMS company serving Europe and beyond; the introduction of Ocularis 5.0 VMS which takes a fresh approach to managing camera licensing, camera integrations, data storage handling and recorder management; and continued enhancement of the company’s Ocularis 4.2 VMS.

“The VMS market is in a state of consolidation that is realigning alliances and partnerships across the industry. What makes OnSSI’s acquisition of SeeTec unique is that we continue to focus on our core competencies in software development and VMS solutions that support our customers and partners moving forward,” said Gadi Piran, President and CTO, OnSSI. “As we continue to expand our business operations and technology portfolio, we can better support new and existing customers both regionally and internationally, while further evolving our open platform VMS solutions to deliver the highest levels of performance, cost-efficiency and integration.”

OnSSI and SeeTec AG acquisition

OnSSI recently announced the acquisition of SeeTec AG, a privately held German-based company providing VMS solutions to European markets. The acquisition combines the strengths of the two VMS leaders by leveraging OnSSI’s industry-leading Ocularis VMS platform with SeeTec’s advanced logistics suite of products. Immediate benefits to the company’s extensive user base include: the establishment of a global network of offices to support new markets and customers regionally and internationally; faster development of new software innovations resulting from an expanded team of specialised software developers; and increased support personnel and accessibility.

OnSSI’s new Ocularis 5.0

OnSSI’s new Ocularis 5.0 is built on an open and innovative platform that features significantly higher density camera recording to maximise HDD storage capacity and increases throughput by as much as 80%. This, combined with a fresh approach to managing camera licensing and integrations, results in significant overall cost savings. Ocularis 5.0 is available in three levels: Professional for organisations with multiple locations and small to mid-sized camera counts; Enterprise for a wide range of large IT-centric organisations; and Ultimate for large organisations with extended command and control requirements.

Additionally, OnSSI continues to enhance the capabilities of Ocularis 4.2 with new enhancements, such as integration with Samsung dewarping, and the introduction of a new mobile client that enables multi-users to concurrently operate the VMS.

Ocularis 4 versions and Ocularis 5.0 can reside and operate on the same server base while maintaining the same look and feel for system operators. Ocularis 5.0 allows users to seamlessly migrate Ocularis 4 versions to Ocularis 5.0 if they elect to do so.

OnSSI’s new Ocularis v5.0 video management software to be released at ISC West in Las Vegas.

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