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Smart camera safety for COVID-19 by Security & Safety Things

Smart camera safety for COVID-19 by Security & Safety Things

'Gimme a Minute' with Security & Safety Things - Smart camera safety for COVID-19

In this video, Security and Safety Things shows you how to use a smart camera in the office, to make your work life safer during the COVID-19 pandemic. As you can see here, they installed an SNS-enabled camera at the front entrance, and it is running two very interesting apps. 

The first one is a 'people counter'; with it, you know at all times how many people are inside, never going past the maximum amount that is allowed by health authorities. They also have a 'mask check' station, in case you walk in without a mask. The face mask detection will pop up a message on the screen, and then you'll be reminded to pick a mask up, clean your hands, and then proceed to walk inside.

These are a couple of ideas from Security & Safety Things of how you can use computer vision to work safely during the pandemic.

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