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Security and Safety Things GmbH is announcing that it is significantly expanding the company’s presence in the United States to support Research & Development (R&D) and business development growth for its open IoT platform for smart cameras.

The focus will be on key vertical markets, such as healthcare, sports venues and transportation, which are considered ripe for innovation with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology.

Expanding North American footprint

At its North American headquarters in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, lauded as the next Silicon Valley, Security & Safety Things GmbH (S&ST) is expanding its contingent of engineering, business development, sales and marketing staff, with specific growth focused on customer centric expertise and ongoing technology innovation.

Additional sales engineers and customer support specialists will be dedicated to the Innovation Accelerator at the Pittsburgh facility, designed to provide application developers and integrators access to cutting edge Artificial Intelligence R&D and other startup resources to help them innovate on the S&ST platform.

S&ST Innovation Accelerator

S&ST Innovation Accelerator will showcase these growing capabilities to visiting integrators and end users

The S&ST Innovation Accelerator will also be used to showcase these growing capabilities to visiting integrators and end user customers. “When innovators can share ideas, resources and diverse perspectives, they are able to create new solutions and creative ways to leverage technology,” said Hartmut Schaper, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Security & Safety Things GmbH.

Hartmut adds, “Solutions developed here in Pittsburgh, working in concert with our global team, will help stadiums to reopen and optimise fan experiences, streamline COVID-19 related issues, such as crowding and queues in transportation venues and help healthcare organisations with issues relating to compliance, patient privacy and accident prevention and response.

Leveraging the dynamic technology incubator community

He further stated, “These are just two of the many verticals that will benefit from the focused competence in the S&ST Innovation Accelerator. We expect to see developers and integrators jointly breaking ground with our experts in many other areas.

The growing Pittsburgh presence leverages the area’s dynamic technology incubator community, which includes other major academic and corporate technology excellence centers for AI and deep learning, such as computer science innovators, Carnegie Mellon University, the Bosch Group, Amazon and nationally renowned technology startup incubators, such as AlphaLab.

Focus on technological R&D

This concentration of expertise and focus on technological research complements and augments Security & Safety Things expertise at its other locations, including at the company’s global headquarters in Munich, Germany and in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Innovation Accelerator can leverage engineering and development support from a specialised team

Through the Innovation Accelerator, third party developers designing and executing complex AI-enabled apps for the S&ST Application Store and open camera Operating System can leverage engineering and development support from a specialised team, formed to aid S&ST’s growing community of developers.

S&ST IoT platform

Close collaboration between this team and app developers allows S&ST to gather valuable voice of customer feedback, refine their IoT platform and expand their relationship with development companies for future cooperation.

The IoT platform from Security and Safety Things GmbH consists of an open, Android-based camera operating system that serves as the common basis for all components, a portal for app developers with tools for development and testing, a community section for help and inspiration, an application store with ready-to-use video analytics apps that can be flexibly combined, and a portal for integrators that provides knowledge about innovative solutions available within the ecosystem.

Security & Safety Things and Bosch GmbH

Security & Safety Things is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bosch GmbH and is part of Bosch’s strategic development of new digital growth markets. In the future, Security & Safety Things wants to continuously accelerate the expansion of its global ecosystem through external partners.

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