Security & Safety Things

About Security & Safety Things

An innovative and successful startup founded by Bosch in 2018, Security & Safety Things is a global IoT ecosystem at the forefront of change in security technology.

With a platform designed for security camera applications, Safety and Security Things connects camera manufacturers, application developers, system integrators, and VMS providers. This platform aims to change the future of security cameras through the use of AI and computer vision, alongside giving access to scalable applications. Security and Safety Things offers a free and open operating system for security cameras, a development tool kit for app developers, a device management portal as well as an application store for integrators. 

As technology advances, so does the power of artificial intelligence. Whether it is used for security in retail stores, airports, or offices, Security and Safety Things aims to make the world a more secure, and safer place. 


Security & Safety Things news

Security & Safety Things highlighted collaborative power of open systems at inaugural escon 2020 digital Ecosystem Conference

Security and Safety Things GmbH, along with a roster of pioneers, highlighted the benefit of an open approach at the first ever escon 2020 digital Ecosystem Conference last week, discussing the current successes and future developments of smart cameras and open systems. Security & Safety Things (S&ST) also offered a sneak preview of 2021, which included the company’s positioning as the fastest growing app store for smart cameras and several pilot projects in various vertical market...

How is AI changing the security market?

Artificial intelligence is more than just the latest buzzword in the security marketplace. In some cases, smarter computer technologies like AI and machine learning (ML) are helping to transform how security operates. AI is also expanding the industry’s use cases, sometimes even beyond the historic province of the security realm. It turns out that AI is also a timely tool in the middle of a global pandemic. We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: How is artificial intelligence...

AndroVideo releases a security camera that follows OSSA’s Technology Stack for video security devices

The Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA) is pleased to announce AndroVideo released its first security camera that follows OSSA’s Technology Stack. OSSA drives an open platform principle and philosophy to open up the security and safety marketplace to fuel innovation beyond the limits of a single organisation. Supporting the security industry’s emerging open ecosystem, the new Smart Edge Camera from AndroVideo is available now and bears the ‘Driven by OSSA’ seal....