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Optimised to support multiple cameras operating around-the-clock, SkyHawk drives maximise surveillance watchfulness and security
Purpose-built SkyHawk surveillance drives support multiple cameras operating around-the-clock, delivering safety, security and peace of mind

Seagate is celebrating 10 years of purpose-built drive innovation in the surveillance industry by introducing new SkyHawk surveillance drives. Optimised to support multiple cameras operating around-the-clock, SkyHawk drives maximise surveillance watchfulness and security by reliably storing every frame of video their surveillance systems capture.

Up to 10 TB capacity & flexibility

Surveillance systems must be adaptable as a company's security requirements evolve, and SkyHawk's multiple capacities give the flexibility to scale as needed in networked and stand-alone surveillance systems. Providing safety, security, and peace of mind, new SkyHawk drives enable customers to build and deploy a wide variety of surveillance systems.

Purpose-built for growing surveillance demands

As Seagate's Aubrey Muhlach, Surveillance Segment Marketing Manager, puts it, "Smart, safe and secure, Seagate SkyHawk drives are engineered for 24×7 video recording. With Seagate's 10 years' experience in the surveillance space, SkyHawk is fine-tuned to support 3× the workload rating of desktop drives to meet the growing demand of camera installations and higher resolution recordings. Our new 10 TB capacity can store up to 10,000 hours of HD video recordings to scale with market needs."

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Seagate Technology case studies

Seagate SkyHawk partners with Rasilient Systems to protect against frame drop

Frame drop is one of the key problems in IP surveillance systems. The consequence of dropped frames is recording gaps, which translate into lost images that can consequently mean loss of valuable business intelligence or severe financial damages. Integration of Seagate Skyhawk To solve this problem, Rasilient Systems, a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of purpose-built surveillance recording servers and storage systems partners with Seagate to include Skyhawk drives in all their systems. &ldq...

Seagate® SkyHawk™ takes storage to new heights with British Airways i360

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