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Salient Systems is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Keith R. Aubele, CPP, LPP as a Senior Advisor to the Leadership Team responsible for the company’s expansion in the security and loss prevention vertical.

Mr. Aubele will provide comprehensive national sales support and will work with the leadership team as a consultant for product line improvement, sales methods, and voice of the customer acquisition to help guide strategic planning.

Loss prevention expert

At The Home Depot, Mr. Aubele managed a 100 million dollar budget and an organisation of over 3500 people

Keith Aubele is a 25 year senior retail executive, former end user, industry subject matter expert, and a results-driven innovator focused on building bridges between solutions and end users. He spent a long tenured career at Walmart where he rose to the position of Senior Director of Loss Prevention.

Mr. Aubele also served as the Global Vice President at The Home Depot where he successfully brought their shrinkage to the lowest level in company history. At The Home Depot, Mr. Aubele managed a 100 million dollar budget and an organisation of over 3500 people.

Security and risk mitigation veteran

Mr. Aubele’s career in the security and risk, loss prevention industry is well-recognised and has earned him memberships and council positions with national and international associations including OSAC, ASIS International and RILA among others.

In 2002, Mr. Aubele established Nav1gate Group, a consultancy to provide critical leadership to businesses in the Security and Loss Prevention industry. He has represented some of the top companies in the world in physical, analytical and IT security.

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