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Whether you are a small business, a large global enterprise, or something in-between, our CompleteView 20/20 VMS platform brings deployment simplicity and unmatched scalability to support your requirements, both today and tomorrow.


CompleteView 20/20 grows with your security operation, from a single user or small team to industrial-scale security organizations deployed around the world.


CompleteView 20/20 easily scales from a single camera environment to widely distributed installations that secure the world's largest companies.


By delivering the highest quality video content in a fundamentally faster and more responsive architecture, your security operations can grow independent of distributed bandwidth constraints.


CompleteView 20/20's open architecture enables your organization to seamlessly leverage existing technology investments and minimize disruption as hardware and software infrastructure changes over time.

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Effortlessly evolve your video surveillance infrastructure by managing your digital IP and analog video technologies from the same VMS platform.


With integrations to every leading Access Control provider, CompleteView 20/20 enables your organization to leverage the power of CompleteView 20/20 surveillance in combination with your solution of choice.


CompleteView 20/20's open, hybrid architecture allows you to utilize 3rd party technologies and protects your investment in existing analog cameras


CompleteView 20/20 VMS is designed from the ground up to minimize the complexity of deploying, managing, and growing best-in-class video surveillance operations.

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Begin using CompleteView 20/20 in minutes, via simple application download and connection to your existing video equipment.


With CompleteView 20/20, new devices can be added to your surveillance network in minutes with minimal technical expertise required.


Your organization can upgrade CompleteView 20/20 software once across your entire deployment, including all cameras and connected equipment.


Our technical innovations and unique pricing model enable Salient customers to deploy best-in-class video surveillance capabilities, while enjoying the lowest total cost of ownership in the market.

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With CompleteView 20/20's unified platform, widely deployed security installations can be designed, updated, and managed from a single location.


CompleteView 20/20 delivers up to 50x improvements in bandwidth efficiency versus competitive approaches, radically reducing video surveillance bandwidth costs.


CompleteView 20/20 licensing is one time, per camera with NO server or client fees; you can move, add, and delete cameras without penalty.

Salient Systems news

Salient Systems’ CompleteView 20/20 platform attains regulatory approval from Dubai’s Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA)

After undergoing rigorous vetting and testing, Salient Systems announced that it has earned prestigious regulatory approval from Dubai’s Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) on its CompleteView 20/20 platform, opening new opportunities for the company in the Middle East region. SIRA approval With Security Industry Regulatory Agency’s seal of approval, Salient Systems is now on a short list of certified manufacturers, who have undergone a rigorous vetting process by the Dubai-...

What are the security challenges of protecting the cannabis industry?

The advent of a truly new market for the physical security industry is a rare occurrence. Particularly rare is a new market that is both fast-growing and provides an environment that is not just conducive to application of physical security technologies but that actually demands it. Such is the case with the market for legalised marijuana. We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: what are the security challenges of protecting the cannabis industry?

Salient Systems states healthcare facilities use video management solution and door access control for added security

A healthcare facility or hospital is unlike any other organisation. It’s generally open to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is expensive equipment in many areas, patient records and confidentiality that needs constant protection, in addition to parking facilities and door access control needs and medicines that need to be kept secure. Hospital and healthcare settings use video surveillance in many ways, as the security needs of these institutions reflect the life-or-dea...

Salient Systems case studies

Video systems generate cash in the logistics vertical, as per Salient Systems study

Generally, the Less Than Load (LTL) industry is always looking to increase the amount of product shipped per truck. A lesser amount of product on a truck equates to a lower amount of billable product per trip. Raw Load Average (RLA) Raw Load Average (RLA) is the percentage of product on a truck – 100% is a completely full trailer. As the name implies, LTL averages less than 100%. In the fast- paced world of logistics, delivering millions of packages per day, than how do companies maximis...

Salient Systems provides best of breed security systems to launch Bexar County Metro’s Emergency Operations Centre

It has been a long time coming, but the Bexar County Metro 911 Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) is up and running, and the security systems implemented to protect the facility are among the best of the best. The regional operations centre unifies emergency operations into one cutting-edge facility. A New Home Built in San Antonio, Texas, the EOC provides a new home for the Bexar County Sheriff’s communications operations and is an alternate site for the San Antonio police and San Antonio...

Salient Systems provides a reliable security solution to enhance healthcare security at the SwedishAmerican Health System

For more than a century, SwedishAmerican Health System, its hospital and medical facilities, have been serving the community of Rockford, Illinois. As a division of the University of Wisconsin Health, the medical staff has been delivering high-quality healthcare and strategies to keep patients and families healthy. What families and patients don’t see is the security systems that have been put in place at all Swedish American medical facilities and outlying satellite healthcare clinics. &...