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Pyronix 2016

2016: Pyronix acquired by Hikvision

In May the acquisition of Pyronix Ltd by Hikvision, the world's largest supplier of surveillance equipment, was announced.

Pyronix also exhibited back at IFSEC International for the third successive year, this time showcasing the brand new Euro 46 APP along with various prototype panels.

Pyronix 215

2015: Launch of HomeControl+ and PyronixCloud infrastructure

Pyronix opened a brand new state-of-the-art factory on the Hellaby Industrial Estate, Rotherham. In 2015, Pyronix also launched its lifestyle solution with the HomeControl+ App and PyronixCloud, which allows complete control over your security system from anywhere in the world on your smartphone.

Pyronix 2014

2014: Return to IFSEC International and Sicurezza

In 2014 Pyronix returned to IFSEC for the first time in five years to preview our all-round security, home automation and video solutions. Pyronix also returned to Sicurezza, Italy - tripling the size of our stand.

Pyronix 2013

2013: Launch of Invincibell external sounders, GSM module and Enforcer SMS app

In the first quarter of 2013 we launched the new Invincibell range of external sounders, along with more security devices and sensors for the Enforcer, as well as a GSM module for the wireless panel. We also released the Enforcer SMS app, which allows the end user to control their home and panel remotely.

The Enforcer made it a hat-trick of awards building from 2012, picking up the accolade of ‘Intruder Product of the Year’ at the PSI Awards and ‘National Champion’ at the European Business Awards 2013/14. 

Pyronix 2012

2012: The Enforcer named Innovation of the Year

In 2012 Julie Kenny became the High Sheriff of South Yorkshire. Such a position is given by the Queen, and this was a big honour not only for Julie, but for Pyronix as well.

The Enforcer was named the ‘Innovation of the Year’ at the ‘Oscars of the Security Industry’, the Security Excellence Awards, a fantastic accolade for the product.

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Pyronix 2011

2011: 25th Anniversary, launch of the Enforcer two-way wireless and the XD10TTAM

As Pyronix celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2011, the company launched the Enforcer two-way wireless alarm system to the UK and export markets. In partnership with CSL, they offered the Euro 46LM panel with integrated DualCom Inside and gained EN certification for the KX series from IMQ.

This year also saw the launch of their external detector, the XD10TTAM; this high security detector uses technologies that are patented by us to bring to market one of the most secure and most reliable external detectors on the market.

Pyronix 2008

2008: First manufacturer to introduce patented backlit sounder

In 2008 Pyronix became the first manufacturer to introduce a patented backlit sounder.

Pyronix 2006

2006: Patent for non-overlapping detector and optical system

Pyronix received a patent for a non-overlapping detector and optical system.

Pyronix 2005

2005: New Distribution Centre and R&D facility, plus launch of the TMD

In 2005 Pyronix opened a new Distribution Centre and R&D facility on Hellaby Industrial Estate, Rotherham. This was the same year that saw them launch the TMD; a sequentially confirmed detector that included a PIR, microwave and anti-masking in one housing, commence sales operations in South America and receive a patent for a new detector and optical system. Pyronix also pioneered the use of integral EOL resistors and blue LEDs with the KX series of detectors.

Pyronix 2004

2004: Acquisition of Castle Care-Tech

Pyronix won the Best International Achievement Award at the Security Excellence Awards 2004, for being the first UK security firm to be awarded the China Security and Protection Certificate. They also expanded Secure Holdings with the acquisition of Castle Care-Tech.

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Pyronix 2003

2003: Pyronic gains CCC Approvals

In 2003 Pyronix gained CCC (China Compulsory Certification) Approvals, becoming the first non-Chinese manufacturer outside of China and only the fifth company worldwide to receive this.

Pyronix 2002

2002: Julie Kenny awarded CBE and Veritec P2 wins IFSEC award

In the 2002 New Year’s Honours List, Julie Kenny was awarded a CBE for her services to industry in Yorkshire and Humberside. Another award followed, this time the overall winner in the IFSEC Security Industry Awards for the Veritec P2 sequential confirmation detector; the same year Pyronix opened sales operations in Russia, South Africa and China.

Pyronix 2001

2001: Manufacturer of the Year at Security Industry Awards

Pyronix won Manufacturer of the Year in the Security Industry Awards in 2001 and commenced sales operations in Italy and Poland.

Pyronix 2000

2000: Visit from HRH Duke of Kent, launch of Matrix control panels

The launch of the Matrix range of control panels for export in 2000 helped Pyronix become a leading control panel manufacturer in the global market. Later in the year the HRH Duke of Kent visited us, as Vice Chairman of the Board of British Trade.

Pyronix 1999

1999: Launch of BG2000 break-glass detector

In 1999 Pyronix launched the innovative BG2000, which went on to become one of the top selling glass break detectors ever. They also introduced patented improvements relating to motion detection.

Pyronix 1998

1998: Became an Investor in People

Pyronix became an Investor in People, something that they continue to this day.

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Pyronix 1997

1997: Development of microwave module

Pyronix 1996

1996: Launch of the Vocaliser

The Equinox won a Security Industry Award and Pyronix launched the Vocaliser 

Pyronix 1995

1995: First security equipment manufacturer in the world to have all products CE marked

1995 saw a number of patents granted for sounder technology, an event detection device with fault monitoring capabilities and telephone line monitoring. Pyronix became the first security equipment manufacturer in the world to have all our products CE marked. There was also success at the IFSEC Awards for the Equinox CCDA (covert camera with PIR and audio circuit).

Pyronix 1994

1994: New offices on Hellaby Industrial Estate opened by MP Charles Wardle

Pyronix consequently expanded their factory by building offices at the Hellaby site in 1994, which were opened by Charles Wardle MP. This coincided with the installation of the first Philips CSM 112 Vision Comet pick-and-place manufacturing line in Europe, the launch of their first sounder, the Decibell, and they patented a fault monitoring detection device.

Pyronix 1993

1993: Launch of Paragon range

In 1993 Pyronix launched their first control panels, the Paragon Range, with thousands of the panels still in operation in homes and other properties to this day.

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Pyronix 1992

1992: Combined technology detectors with the Equinox

The Equinox family of combined technology detectors was launched in 1992. This had an immediate impact, achieving a substantial share in the market that had previously been dominated by two leading manufacturers from China and USA. They also received accreditation to BS5750 Part 1, ISO9001, EN29001 British Standard. Concurrently, Julie Kenny, then the Pyronix MD, became the first ever female Director of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA).

Pyronix 1991

1991: A shift in focus to the export market

By 1991 Pyronix decided to move their marketing focus from the UK to export and as a result export sales increased from 5% to 18%.

Pyronix 1988

1988: Surface Mount Technology, launch of the Enforcer Plus

Deciding to sell via distribution channels rather than directly to the installer market in the UK, by 1988 we became only the third security manufacturer in the world to incorporate Surface Mount Technology into its manufacturing processes. Also launching the Enforcer Plus, featuring a unique custom chip design for its time.

Pyronix 1987

1987: First product and the world's smallest PIR

In only their second year Pyronix commenced the production of the world’s smallest PIR detector of its time, for use in domestic intruder alarm systems, resulting in the Enforcer. 

Pyronix 1986

1986: Beginning of Pyronix Ltd

Pyronix was officially formed on 1 August 1986 in Hellaby, Rotherham,

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Pyronix Limited news

Pyronix adds ProControl app to enhance installation value for video verification

Pyronix is delighted to provide even more value and capabilities to installers and users alike, with the addition of video verification to ProControl+. Now, using our Enforcer V10 control panel, Wi-Fi cameras and security and life safety peripherals, the system can be tailored to detect, notify and verify any activity. “We’re really pleased to add this latest feature to our ProControl+ app,” said Pyronix Marketing Manager, Laurence Kenny. "Video verification delivers fantastic...

Hikvision to help launch Secure by Default initiative and unveil new products and technologies at IFSEC 2019

At IFSEC International 2019, Hikvision, the global supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, will help launch the pioneering Secure by Default initiative, and unveil a host of its new product and technology developments. Secure by Default is a set of minimum requirements which for the first time will provide a guarantee for users that network video security products are as secure as possible in their default settings out of the box. Secure by Default will be launched by...

Pyronix to showcase perimeter protection and other security solutions at IFSEC 2019

Exhibiting alongside their parent company Hikvision for the third time, Pyronix will be hosting new and existing customers at IFSEC International, UK and Europe’s leading security event and one of the biggest exhibitions in the security industry. Since IFSEC 2018, they have been listening to customer feedback; refining their product portfolio by developing advanced features and exciting new updates. Securing perimeter with XD detectors Securing a property’s perimeter can be one of...

Pyronix Limited case studies

Pyronix PCX46 APP protects financial, industrial and commercial installations

Intrusion can be very invasive, damaging and expensive for any industrial or commercial business. The damage of machinery or the theft of goods can be potentially devastating. Not only that, but each commercial and industrial property can vary dramatically in terms of the level of security required, along with the conditions of the installation. Aisles, machinery and varying environmental conditions are all considerations, as is the required function of the security system and the ability to mo...

Remote monitoring with the Pyronix PCX46 APP Panel is here

Users can now enjoy complete control of their wired and hybrid security systems with the brand new Pyronix PCX46 APP. Users can experience unparalleled control over their entire security system, from anywhere in the world, on a smart device with the fully compatible HomeControl+ App. Wired and hybrid: The best of both As the PCX46 APP can be both wired and hybrid, there are a multitude of wired and wireless security and lifestyle devices to choose from, meaning users' systems can be tailo...

Pyronix presents the Enforcer 32WE APP high-security wireless solution

The Enforcer 32WE APP is a professional high-security wireless solution, that delivers maximum security, flexibility, potential and opportunities for installers and users alike. Profitable business solution With remote programming and diagnosis of the system using InSite UDL software via the PyronixCloud, the Enforcer 32WE APP system can be checked and even amended without having to send an engineer to site. This means there are fewer call-outs for the installer, or, should an engineer still...