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With its commitment to continuous improvement, Pyronix is delighted to announce the release of its new and improved ProControl+ app version 2.0.

Listening to customer feedback, the latest version sports a new and improved Graphical User Interface (GUI), as well as boosted User Experience (UX), with added features and functions to deliver even more value to installers and end users alike.

Voice push notifications

We’re really excited by these latest developments to ProControl+,” Laurence Kenny, Pyronix Marketing Manager, said. ProControl+ version 2.0 extends the capabilities of professional security and video monitoring, with push and voice push notifications now selectable via the PyronixCloud infrastructure.

This allows specific voice push notifications to be delivered via ProControl+

This advances the setup of the system for the installer and user, tailoring the function to suit the needs and desires required. This capability is extended further with the installer also able to program switcher inputs into the control panel. This allows specific voice push notifications to be delivered via ProControl+.

Video monitoring capabilities

So, for example, should an outdoor XD detector be programmed as a switcher zone, when an intruder is detected, a ‘Perimeter Breached’ voice notification will be delivered via the app to alert the user of the activity. If the installer pairs this with an outdoor Mini Dome camera, the user would also be able to switch to video to visually verify what’s happening and take appropriate action.

As part of these developments, face ID and fingerprint capabilities have also been added into the login process of ProControl+; adding an extra layer of security to video monitoring. Users can now access video monitoring capabilities with their face or fingerprint instead.

One complete solution

We’re proactively developing ProControl+ to deliver more and more value within our app and Cloud solutions,” Laurence said. He continues: “By using ProControl+, the capability, convenience and scope of security is becoming increasingly more interactive, with intrusion, video, voice and control seamlessly delivered in one complete solution.”

With Pyronix and ProControl+ installers are keeping their users informed"

We recognised with our developments within ProControl+ that voice push notifications deliver a unique selling point, so we have made these selectable and able to combine with our portfolio of products to offer a complete and custom system every time.”

Perimeter breached notification

So, whether it is an outdoor XD detector generating a ‘Perimeter Breached’ notification before a break-in can occur, a smoke detector, a CO detector, or simply their children coming home from school, users can pick which notifications they receive, how they receive them and can switch to video to verify the activity.”

With Pyronix and ProControl+ installers are keeping their users informed and in control with a system that differentiates their business from any other on the intruder market.” Compatible with all Hikvision video products and with more developments in the pipeline, ProControl+ continues to deliver.

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