Pyronix Limited

Pyronix Ltd, a leading global player within the security industry, celebrates its 21st anniversary this year.  During this time, the company has grown from a singe PIR manufacturer to producing a full range of patented award-winning intruder alarm equipment from Detectors to communicating Control Panels for high security environments.

In recognition of this achievement and as a token of their continuing partnership, ADI-Gardiner recently presented Pyronix with an engraved crystal bowl.

Julie A Kenny, Managing Director of Pyronix Ltd, says, "We are extremely proud to have reached 21 years in business and would not have got here without the support of our customers, such as ADI-Gardiner.  We hope to continue to grow our businesses together over the forthcoming years."

Mike Reddington, Manager Director of ADI-Gardiner, adds, "We are pleased to be associated with a long standing professional company such as Pyronix  and to be a supplier of their award winning products."

Pyronix continues to be at the forefront of the security industry and manufactures products to meet the needs of the UK market.  The latest development is the Pyronix TCD, a secure managed dual path signalling device, which incorporates IP and GPRS communication and is fully BT21CN compliant.
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Pyronix Limited case studies

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Remote monitoring with the Pyronix PCX46 APP Panel is here

Users can now enjoy complete control of their wired and hybrid security systems with the brand new Pyronix PCX46 APP. Users can experience unparalleled control over their entire security system, from anywhere in the world, on a smart device with the fully compatible HomeControl+ App. Wired and hybrid: The best of both As the PCX46 APP can be both wired and hybrid, there are a multitude of wired and wireless security and lifestyle devices to choose from, meaning users' systems can be tailo...

Pyronix presents the Enforcer 32WE APP high-security wireless solution

The Enforcer 32WE APP is a professional high-security wireless solution, that delivers maximum security, flexibility, potential and opportunities for installers and users alike. Profitable business solution With remote programming and diagnosis of the system using InSite UDL software via the PyronixCloud, the Enforcer 32WE APP system can be checked and even amended without having to send an engineer to site. This means there are fewer call-outs for the installer, or, should an engineer still...