Promise Technology
Promise Technology will be showcasing a range of new products that combine speed, ease of use and reliability
New solutions on display include VSkyCube hyper-converged systems for flexible data centre and Apollo, Promise’s personal cloud appliance

At the Data Storage Expo in Japan, Promise Technology a provider of storage solutions for the IoT, Cloud, IT.Rich Media, and Surveillance markets is showcasing a range of new products that combine speed, ease of use and reliability. New solutions on display include VSkyCube, its range of innovative hyper-converged systems for flexible, streamlined data centre and IT operations and Apollo, Promise’s personal cloud appliance and app. Promise’s display will also feature technology demo stations for WORM (Write Once, Read Many) storage solutions in addition to high performance all-flash storage arrays.

Solutions designed for small and medium enterprises

Unveiled in April 2016 at the Open Server Summit in Santa Clara, VSkyCube is ideal for businesses looking to increase scalability, agility and improve administration efficiency while managing costs. VSkyCube encompasses compute, networking and storage virtualisation technologies as a cost-effective means to implement the IT-in-a-box and Cloud-in-a-box concepts of system administration. VSkyCube is designed with a scale-out approach and offers a distributed storage system with advanced compute, storage and networking features that allow for a lower up-front investment and reduced total cost of ownership.

A secure cloud designed for small groups

Designed for consumers, the Apollo Personal Cloud appliance gives users and their circles or groups simple, full control over the storage and selective sharing of their digital content. It only takes minutes to set up Apollo and the user can access content anywhere via the Apollo Cloud App. Files, photos and videos can be easily and securely shared, giving users the peace of mind knowing their personal data is off the Web, safe and secure on their own personal cloud. Apollo will be available soon for purchase exclusively at Apple stores worldwide.

WORM storage solution

WORM (write once, read many) data storage technology is deployed by organisations such as government agencies, large enterprises or medical storage defined by HIPPA, requiring a secure way to safeguard data as part of their long-term storage solution. Promise will demonstrate a WORM storage solution with its Vess A-Series server storage and Vess R2000 external storage solution along with OliveTech’s WORM technology.

"We are excited to showcase such a wide range of solutions that demonstrate how we are helping our customer solve the challenges they face every day,” -HC Chang

High performance all-flash array

Enterprises running high performance applications are increasingly turning to all-flash arrays to meet their speed and storage requirements. To showcase how Promise is meeting these performance requirements, the company is demonstrating its VTrak J5000 high performance SAS solution set up with SAS 12Gbps Toshiba Enterprise SSDs (PX04S Series) connected via the 12G SAS interface installed in the HP Z840 workstation.

“From home users searching for a simpler way to share and save their files to leading IT companies looking for performance, we are excited to showcase such a wide range of solutions that demonstrate how we are helping our customer solve the challenges they face every day,” said HC Chang, General Manager, Promise Technology Taiwan.

Promise will be demonstrating its solutions at booth East 35-18 from May 11 -13 at the Tokyo Big Sight.

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Promise Technology case studies

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