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At Intersec Dubai 2017, Promise Technology will expand its line of surveillance solutions with the debut of a range of new products, including Auryn, a high-capacity surveillance storage block and Vess A6120, a complete 1U4 bay product line with a management server, analytics server, and recording server. Auryn and Vess A6120 pair seamlessly with Promise’s network video recorders (NVRs) and external storage solutions and are ideal building blocks for the deployment of video surveillance systems of any size. Additionally, Promise will enhance its Vess A3340 NVR storage server with the introduction of a new model with redundant dual power supply units (PSUs). The new solutions are on display at Promise’s massive showcase at Intersec in Dubai (booth SA-C26) from January 22 - 24.

Vess A6120 server line

The Vess A6120 series is designed as building blocks for the deployment of a video surveillance system. Vess A6120 is available in a 1U 4-bay rackmount chassis with easy expandability through Promise’s external storage units. They are perfect for up to 60 IP cameras without extra storage, and with larger scale-out storage Vess A6120 can support up to 200 cameras. There are three main specifications for the Vess A6120 series:

  • Vess Orange (A6120-AS): Designed for running intelligent video analytics and offers excellent performance for analysing huge amounts of surveillance data.
  • Vess Black (A6120-MS): Designed for managing the whole surveillance system and is the best choice for running Central Management Software (CMS).
  • Vess Blue (A6120-RS): Perfect as a high-performance recording server.

Vess A3340 series

"Promise is better positioned than ever before to help our customers build the best solutions for their projects"

The Vess A3340 Series is now available with single (Vess A3340) and dual PSUs (Vess A3340d) to meet the needs of a wider range of projects, including applications requiring redundant power supplies. Vess A3340d is a powerful, all-in-one network video recorder (NVR) optimised to meet even the most stringent project requirements. Reliable, cost-effective, and easy to deploy and maintain, Vess A3340d is perfect for small to mid-sized installations with high performance demands.

Auryn surveillance storage block

The video surveillance industry is experiencing a huge data boom as hundreds of petabytes of video are recorded every day. With the evolution in analytics and video management software capabilities, surveillance data is more valuable than ever before and it must be securely stored for months or even years. Promise is introducing an expanded portfolio of surveillance solutions specifically for projects with long retention periods requiring massive amounts of storage. Auryn, Promise’s high-capacity surveillance storage blocks, offers an open-platform, simplicity, optimisation, and the industry’s most comprehensive partner ecosystem. Auryn offers up to 672TB of raw capacity and pairs seamlessly with Promise’s NVR storage servers optimised for video surveillance.

“The anticipation for Auryn has been incredible as our partners have been eager for a simple and optimised high-capacity storage block that they could easily deploy for large projects throughout the region, so we are very excited to unveil it at Intersec,” said John van den Elzen, general manager, Surveillance Business Unit, Promise Technology. “With the introduction of Auryn together with the Vess A6120 server line and our award-winning line of NVRs and external storage solutions, Promise is better positioned than ever before to help our customers build the best solutions for their projects.”

For more information, please visit Promise at booth SA-C26 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre during Intersec 2017 from January 22 – 24.

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