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Perfect Display Technology Company Ltd Overview:

Perfect Display Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2006 and since then has developed into a leading manufacturer of LCD and LED display products, including PC monitors, CCTV monitors, Touchscreen monitors, All-In-One PCs, Digital Signage, Video Walls and Interactive Whiteboards.

With a 15,000 m2 factory and 2 automatic and 1 manual production lines, Perfect Display Technology has a production capacity of one million units annually.

Quality control standards

The factory was certified ISO9001:2000 compliant in 2006 by CQC and all products pass through the strictest quality control standards, from the raw materials through to the finished product, to ensure the highest quality and optimal performance. All products can be certified to CCC, CE, FCC, CB, UL, TuV, Energy Star and RoHS standards to give you complete peace of mind.

Research and Development

Perfect Display Technology spends a considerable amount on Research and Development to supply some of the very best monitors and display products available worldwide. Experienced R&D experts are constantly working on designing products that you the customer need and want. The company also offers full OEM and ODM services.

Quality materials

Perfect Display Technology only uses the best quality raw materials, from panels right down to resistors.

The display product manufacturer also believes in providing the very best customer service from pre-sale to aftersale, with a comprehensive 3 year warranty on most commercial product ranges.

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Perfect Display Technology Company Ltd news

10 security market players share their top professional advice

Technology, products and services are vital to the security market, but so are the people behind them. This year, has been highlighting some of the key characters who make up the security market. Along the way, we’ve discovered a broad spectrum of experiences and viewpoints that make up the industry. Many of the most insightful responses were to the question: What is the best professional advice you have received (and from whom)? Don’t underestimate yourself, says Don Erickson, CEO of the Security Industry Association Scott Brothers, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, Oncam Listen, listen and listen some more. Which continues to take real training because of my passion over spilling into a “need to be heard” when really, I should be listening. It’s a trait I continually work on and seek feedback on. Listening for me equals learning and the best ideas sometimes come from the unexpected voice in the room. The open environment we cultivate at Oncam really promotes this kind of interaction at all levels. Don Erickson, CEO of the Security Industry Association Don’t underestimate yourself. John Stroia who is a former chairman of SIA and presently the president of Hamilton was literally the first person who encouraged me to apply for the CEO role at SIA. I was perfectly content handling government relations at the time the position opened. I also hadn’t aspired to the role. John actively encouraged me to go for it despite my reservations about whether I was ready for it.  Liam McShane, Sales Director at Perfect Display Technology Take whatever chances come along. It’s much better to regret something you did than something you didn’t do! (From a mentor at my first financial services company) Return all calls as soon as possible and no later than the end of each day, advises Scott Schafer Eddie Reynolds, President & CEO of Iluminar Many of my childhood friends' parents would always say to me, “If no one wants to give you an opportunity, create your own.” Scott Schafer, Chairman-elect of the Security Industry Association My father was in the major appliance industry and showed by example the importance of outworking your competitor.  He also made sure to return all calls as soon as possible and no later than the end of each day. Kim Loy, Director of Marketing at Vanderbilt Industries The best advice I have received is that we are only in competition with ourselves. If we strive to always improve our knowledge and performance, success will follow. That there are no boundaries, we are all capable of doing anything we strive to do as long as we don’t set limits for ourselves. This advice is something that I heard from a very young age and grew up completely believing – it came from my dad, Chuck Robinson. Thomas J. Langer, President of ASIS International From my father and totally by accident. He was 60 and learning computer aided design which was making his drafting table obsolete. I asked him why, at 60, do that now? His response was that he doesn’t get to choose where advancements take his profession. I have never forgotten that and therefore never settled for the status quo. Change and advancement are a constant in everything. You have to have a work life balance and be resilient in order to manage the ups and downs of business and your career Thomas Cook, Vice President of Sales at Hanwha Techwin America My first manager, Marty Meyer, told me when to keep emotion out of everything you do at work; especially when you are negotiating and presenting your side or case. Fredrik Nilsson, Vice President of the Americas at Axis Communications My manager, Bodil Sonesson, VP of Global Sales at Axis has given me great advice over the years. She says that your career “is a marathon not a sprint,” meaning, in order to be successful long-term you have to have a work life balance and be resilient in order to manage the ups and downs of business and your career. Kenneth Hune Petersen, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Milestone Systems Flemming Tamstorf, CEO of my former company, showed me by example that you should never tell anyone “See, I told you so.” He never did it himself. If you play to the limit, there is a risk that you will fail. If you’re taking a risk, things can go wrong. And he never said “I told you so.”

Perfect Display announces recent ISO9001:2015 audit result

Perfect Display Technology Co. Ltd. has announced the factory has passed its recent ISO9001:2015 audit, improving on the previous ISO9001:2000 standard, showing the company is still the best place to get your commercial grade monitors. Improving processes and products The company spokesperson, Sales Director Liam McShane said, “We are constantly striving to improve our processes and ultimately our products. We can only do this by implementing the proper processes and by listening to and acting on customer feedback. As well as spending a lot of time and money on product development, we also understand the need to constantly improve our internal systems to improve not only quality but productivity too. We have introduced a very strict QC process, right from the goods in to the goods out. This includes a new heat and humidity testing room and various other processes, giving my department, and our partners and their customers, much greater confidence in the quality of the products we provide.” Benefits to business and customers General Manager David He added, “We are very proud that our hard work over the past few months is showing benefits to our business and to our partners and customers. I’m very happy with the Production and QC teams for showing their ability and commitment to our mission to become one of the top suppliers in the industry. I would also like to thank our R&D team of engineers for the constant development of our existing and future products. I can confidently say that we produce the best PVMs in the world because of their hard work and dedication. It takes effort from everyone to build a successful business. As someone wiser than me once said, “It takes many years to become an overnight success!”” Perfect Display Technology Co Ltd have been a supplier of LCD and LED displays since 2006, and proudly provide OEM services to many household names and companies around the world.

Perfect Display Technologies announces Free Monitor Rental offer for security trade show exhibitors

Perfect Display has announced an exciting new offer for any security company exhibiting at trade shows: Free Monitor Rental. The company aims to work with up to 30 partner companies that will be exhibiting at the major security trade shows around the world, providing them with the monitors that they require to showcase their products. Trade show 4K displays Having exhibited at many trade shows around the world themselves, Perfect Display has noticed that many companies use consumer brand TVs and monitors to display their products, but that many of these monitors are not up to the job. Consumer 4K displays usually use upscaled 4K instead of true 4K and suffer from less than perfect image and colour reproduction. Some of the video walls have poor colour uniformity and the rental fees can be extortionate. Trade show displays are only as good as their weakest link, and in most cases the weakest link is something that the user has no control over, like their monitors. Suggested partners Perfect Display proposes to provide selected partner companies with its monitors instead. Ideal partners would be VMS suppliers, camera manufacturers, NVR and DVR manufacturers, distributors, installers and service providers. Perfect Display monitors enable trade show exhibitors to present their products in the best light possible. Monitors available include FHD and 4K in a range of sizes, and certain partner companies may even be able to get a Perfect Display exceptional quality video wall. Those wishing to learn more can contact