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Oncam Overview:

Oncam has deep industry knowledge and combined with specialised sector experience are uniquely positioned to work alongside customers to address their most critical challenges and to develop practical solutions that deliver real impact.

Oncam offer a number of security solutions with specialised expertise in critical infrastructure, city surveillance, retail, transport, commercial and governmental projects.

Oncam are global leaders in fully integrated 360-degree imaging technology and by integrated the latest in command-and-control, facial recognition, biometrics, access-control and other state-of-the-art technologies with award-winning and leading 360-degree imaging capabilities Oncam can provide the most comprehensive total security solutions available in today’s market.

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Oncam news

Security manufacturers: does size matter?

The manufacturers behind today’s security technologies are a varied bunch. There are large manufacturers with deep pockets and plenty of resources. And there are smaller manufacturers who are nimble, can react faster to changing market conditions and to whom each customer represents a hard-fought win. There are also plenty of manufacturers in the middle ground. But what impact does the size of a company have on the quality of its products? We took the question to this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: Is there a correlation between the size of a manufacturer and the quality of its products – for better or worse?

Oncam completes Milestone Solution certification of XProtect VMS

Oncam, a provider of 360-degree video capture and business intelligence technology, has completed the retesting and documentation of its 360-degree solutions with Milestone XProtect open-platform IP video management software (VMS). The certification guarantees the interoperability of the tested solution with Milestone XProtect VMS and ensures users gain access to a proven system designed to increase awareness and enhance intelligence. Milestone XProtect Recording Server The Oncam video plug-in dewarps a 360-degree video stream within the XProtect client. The plug-in corrects the distortions introduced by the fish-eye lens and allows the view to look normal to the user. The user is than able to navigate around the image in a similar way to a traditional pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera. The Oncam plug-in can also create a panorama image from the video stream with the correct orientation for the user. The plug-in can be run in several ways on the XProtect Smart Client by dragging and dropping it into a view, creating a number of virtual cameras. The video stream is recorded in the Milestone XProtect Recording Server, and playback of the recorded video gives the same possibilities for dewarping the stream similar to the live-view situation. Comprehensive video imagery “Oncam's 360-degree surveillance solutions help Milestone customers gain access to comprehensive video imagery that provides a wider field of view, along with the picture clarity and full coverage area that we've grown to expect from Oncam's technology,” said Henrik Sydbo Hansen, Group Manager – Devices and Integrations, Milestone Systems. “By completing the rigorous testing criteria as part of the Milestone certification process, our mutual customers gain access to a verified solution that ensures reliable performance and streamlined interoperability to ease system operation.” “Our continued partnership with Milestone is part of our strategic effort to expand best-in-class technology options to our global customer base,” said John Haspel, Director of Technology Programs, Oncam. “This collaboration also serves as an opportunity for us to deliver additional systems options and integrations that enable organisations to design and deploy scalable and flexible infrastructures to drive further innovation and use cases.”

Round table roundup: Security robots, deep learning and the race to the bottom

In tidying up after a year of Expert Panel Roundtable questions and answers, we came across some previously unpublished responses from our panel. These interesting responses address some of the hottest topics in the industry, from robots and deep learning to the “race to the bottom.” Taken together, the varied comments offer their own range of insights into the evolving physical security market. This week, we highlight some of these assorted Expert Panellist comments submitted over the last several months.