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Big wins and the importance of showing up: Insights from editor Larry Anderson

As editor of, Larry attends industry and corporate events, interviews security leaders and contributes original editorial content to the sites. He also guides the "editorial roadmap" to ensure the site provides the most relevant content for security professionals. From 1996 to 2008, Larry was editor of "Access Control & Security Systems" magazine and its affiliated websites. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from Georgia State University with a minor in marketing. [Pictured: Larry and wife Linda relax with's loyal office dog, Frankie] How did you come to work in the security industry? I started in the newspaper business and then migrated to trade publishing. I realised that every profession has its own journalism microcosm, so I learned a lot about robotics and paint and adhesives before I landed in the security field. That was around 1996, and security has been the centre of my professional life, and a subject of continuing fascination ever since. What is the best professional advice you have ever received? I never met the man, but a famous quote from Woody Allen is something like "80 percent of life is showing up." I find that comforting. Showing up is something I can do. And knowing that I am already 80 percent successful at the get-go has provided extra confidence in a lot of situations over the years. Quick Facts Favourite TV show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee First job McDonald's crew member Tea or coffee Neither: Diet Coke Best gift you received Dance lessons from my wife Last thing you cooked Grilled cheese What's something few people know about you? Several years ago, after ISC West, I was killing time at the Wynn casino before going to the airport. I had put my last few dollars in a “Red White and Blue” slot machine, and I won the “mini-progressive” – more than $6,000! Having the lady count those $100 bills into my hand is a great memory of ISC West. What's the most rewarding thing about what you do for a living? I get to hear people talk every day about something they are passionate about. I get to learn from really smart people about interesting subjects that actually matter in the world.   Jekyll Island on the Georgia coast is Larry Anderson's go-to destination for a relaxing week every summer What are your interests, hobbies and passions outside security? Books, including “literary” fiction, whodunits and lawyer novels. I tend to binge-watch television on demand while on the treadmill at the gym – which takes away the guilt. My wife Linda and I go to the movies a couple of times a month. Where was your last vacation?  Jekyll Island on the Georgia coast is our go-to destination for a relaxing week every summer for the last 20 years. They have houses you can rent for the week, beautiful nature walks and bike trails, huge trees draped with Spanish moss, and a smattering of history – it was where millionaires like J.P. Morgan and William Rockefeller retreated to their 25-room “cottages” in the early 1900s. There’s plenty to see and do – or not to do if so inclined! attends Avigilon’s Video Analytics launch event in London

The HD video appliance combines a PoE network switch along with full video management server recently attended Avigilon’s Video Analytics launch event at the High Commission of Canada in London to discover more about the latest additions to the company’s product portfolio. The event began with a presentation by Mark Buckland, Regional Sales Manager at Avigilon, on the benefits of the latest product in the analytics range, the HD Video Appliance Series. The appliance, which combines a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) network switch along with a full video management server and client software capabilities, offers full viewing and system administration in a single compact form factor. The HD Video Appliance is powered by Avigilon Control Center (ACC) which comes pre-installed and configured to provide immediate benefits, including intelligent bandwidth, storage management and faster search times. Buckland discussed how the innovative features of the HD Video Appliance series mean it is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses as well as larger enterprises. The 8-port model is suitable for small-scale video surveillance, while the HD Video Appliance Pro 16- and 24-port models offer a comprehensive platform for mid- to large-sized applications. In terms of storage, the HD Video Appliance series provides maximum flexibility. The appliance offers up to 12 TB of RAID 5 storage and supports a wide range of camera resolutions, including Avigilon’s HD Pro camera series. The appliance is not only compatible with Avigilon cameras but also with third-party IP cameras and backwards compatible with analogue cameras. This flexibility is further emphasised by the unit’s capability of being used as a standalone installation or as part of a multi-site configuration using the enterprise-level features of ACC’s open platform. The integrated self-learning adaptive analytics solution means cameras automatically adapt to scene changes without the need for manual calibration Brian Karas, Applications Engineer – Video Analytics at Avigilon, gave an overview of the advantages offered by the company’s adaptive analytics technology, which is now embedded in its HD Dome and Bullet camera. The technology is a result of the ongoing integration between VideoIQ and Avigilon products following the former’s acquisition by Avigilon in January this year. The integrated self-learning adaptive analytics solution means cameras automatically adapt to scene changes without the need for manual calibration, facilitating easy installation and delivering a new level of performance. The cameras are available in 1, 2 and 3 MP resolutions and are fully integrated with the latest version of the ACC 5.4 software, enabling more than just monitoring, search and recording of video analytic events, but also complete analytics configuration and management. The ability to detect people and vehicles instantly via an alert system means users can pre-empt criminal activity and detect intervene before a crime is committed. Karas explained the many applications where Avigilon’s adaptive analytics solution can be of benefit. In hospitals, for example, Karas said the technology can be used to detect loitering outside of entrances and in staff parking lots out of hours as well as detect a lack of staff activity in critical areas. Other examples of relevant applications include in public areas, schools and car dealerships. The presentation was rounded off with a reiteration of the reliability and cost-effectiveness of Avigilon’s adaptive analytics. Karas said investing in Avigilon’s intelligent technology means false alarms are a rarity and the distance covered by the cameras is much greater than many other devices on the market. Importantly, the cameras can also be installed alongside existing cameras to update existing systems and increase coverage and efficiency, he added.

ASIS International’s 2014 annual seminar and exhibits to focus on security know-how and education sessions

For the 20,000 or so security professionals who attend each year, ASIS International’s Annual Seminar and Exhibits is all about education. Attendees can polish their skills and update their security know-how in any of more than 200 education sessions during the yearly event. They can also learn all about the latest available security technologies and services at the massive 225,000-square-foot exhibition. Celebrities are on hand too, or at least some well-known and notable dignitaries are keynote speakers, including General Colin Powell, former U.S. Secretary of State; and John Huntsman, former Utah Governor and U.S Presidential candidate. Sharing dramatic stories of heroic rescues from recent geopolitical history, U.S. Navy SEAL Rear Admiral Scott Moore discusses team building in the context of the military’s most elite forces. These are just a few of the attractions when ASIS International presents the 60th Annual Seminar and Exhibits Sept. 29-Oct. 1 in the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Ga. For the fourth consecutive year, the (ISC)2 Security Congress, which focuses on issues of information and software security, co-locates with the ASIS event, thus combining physical and logical security professionals in one place (and allowing them to attend various facets of both events). ASIS International is the largest organization of security management professionals worldwide, and (ISC)2 is the largest not-for-profit membership body of certified information and software security professionals worldwide. The focus of ASIS for the manufacturer and supplier community is the vast exhibit hall, where more than 700 companies demonstrate cutting-edge technology, products and services to security professionals worldwide The focus of ASIS for the manufacturer and supplier community is the vast exhibit hall, where more than 700 companies demonstrate cutting-edge technology, products and services to security professionals worldwide. The ASIS exhibition is one of two large security trade show events each year in the U.S. market and provides a focus for many product introductions and other commercial announcements among the manufacturing community. Although the attendee focus is on end users, there are also integrators, consultants, distributors and others who flock to the ASIS exhibit hall to see what’s new in the security market for the second half of 2014. Other highlights of the ASIS conference sessions include focus on top security concerns and need-to-know industry trends, including cyber-fraud, drones, security metrics, aviation security and many more. Education sessions reflect a range of topics, including urgent issues on everyone’s minds and in the headlines, such as mass shooting incidents, cyber-fraud, workplace violence, the safety of our food supply, and dealing with legalized marijuana, among many more. On the business side, sessions explore management issues such as internal theft and sabotage, best practices in hiring top security personnel, monitoring Internet communications, and complying with employer mandates of the U.S. Affordable Care Act. One session focuses on a new breed of security integrator emerging to address both small- and large-scale projects. “The Integrator of the Future” session identifies the largest growth markets for tomorrow’s integration professional. Editor Larry Anderson is attending ASIS 2014 to report the latest company and product news from the 60th annual event.