Nedap considers IFSEC to be one of the main security events throughout the year. Mainland Europe is well presented at the trade and Nedap Identification Systems uses the show to launch new products and new innovations. As a preview of the 2017 show, Maarten Mijwaart, general manager of Nedap Identification Systems, explains what he expects from Nedap at IFSEC 2017.

What solutions and products will Nedap be demonstrating this year?

Maarten Mijwaart: This year we will demonstrate to the industry that we have invested significantly in further expanding and improving our portfolio of security products. A few examples are:

Last year we introduced MACE, our platform for mobile access control. We have greatly improved the possibilities of the cloud based MACE Admin Portal. Virtual cards can now be easily distributed and also revoked by our partners or their end users. Virtual cards can be customised to reflect the corporate style of customers, and we can even authenticate the identity of the virtual card holder by using the fingerprint if that is stored in the phone operating system.

Our uPASS product line of Rain RFID / UHF readers is expanded with uPASS Target, our best performing long range UHF reader for vehicle identification to date. The uPASS Target can now also be equipped with a second antenna to expand the reading area or to support an entry and exit lane with one reader. We have also added new UHF tags to our portfolio, which motorists can easily hang on their rear-view mirror. Additionally, EPC GEN2 V2 cards and windshield tags are available that support security enhancements based on AES encryption.

Our TRANSIT Ultimate readers for high-end vehicle and driver identification were redesigned last year. This year we are focusing on improvements to optimise the overall performance and configurability of this market leading RFID reader.

"Access control systems that slow down people or their vehicles often end up not being used in the best way possible"

Why should end users stop by the Nedap booth this year?

Mijwaart: We feel that many people are not aware of the benefits that our products can bring. Making security systems a little more convenient for people to use will greatly increase the support of people in organisations for the security systems that are implemented. Access control systems that slow down people or their vehicles often end up not being used in the best way possible, which decrease the security level of your organisation. Security should not be in the way of people. Our solutions make security and convenience go hand in hand, in the building and outside the building, for people and for vehicles.

Why should system integrators consider working with Nedap and its products?

Mijwaart: Well, for one because we understand the importance of our partner channel. We understand that they convert our products into solutions for their clients. This is why we try and make their lives as easy as possible. Our long-range readers are engineered to support specific applications as good as possible. We support many interfacing possibilities. Our products are documented well and are certified by radio authorities to be used in most countries in the world. Our partner portal makes a wealth of support material available and our free e-learning courses help you on your way quickly. And last but not least: our support staff and commercial staff are more than willing to lend a helping hand when needed.

Another reason is that we have a track record in providing high quality products. Our products are tested against competitive products regularly and almost always tend to be the preferred solution. When we do get feedback on how to improve our products, we listen carefully and are able to implement these improvements without delay thanks to our ability to carry out product developments and improvements ourselves, with our own team of engineers.

We strive to be market leading. We are constantly working on expanding and improving our portfolio; for only one simple reason: we’d like to make sure that, in our field, we are the logical choice to work with; now and in the future.

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