The IFSEC 2015 event promoted ‘innovation’ and ‘integration’
Nedap developed a presentation about the innovation and integration of the new software release – AEOS v3.1

At IFSEC, Daryn Flynn, UK Security Business Manager, presented at the Innovation centre and highlighted why the modular software (think ‘apps’) design of Nedap has never been more relevant. For those wanting to build security solutions that will offer performance today but also longevity and future adaptability, read on...

The 3 i’s – IFSEC, innovation and integration

The IFSEC 2015 event promoted ‘innovation’ and ‘integration’. Nedap developed a presentation about the innovation and integration of the new software release – AEOS v3.1. But what is innovative about it and how does it deliver enhanced integration for users?

The drive to innovate security solutions and to deliver enhanced integration must be focused on achieving the objective of customer value – we want to deliver simpler, faster, longer-lasting solutions for our clients. Today’s security manager (but also consultants and integrators) are faced with many security challenges – e.g. legacy systems, IT demands, regulations and, budget constraints. Against this seemingly doom-laden landscape however it is possible to find the opportunity to propose modern, innovative solutions that can solve modern security challenges and create an ideal platform for future technology.

Background trends

This year we have seen the 40th anniversary of Moore’s Law which in simplified terms observes that processing power of computers would double every 2-years. We should expect that this incredible processor performance offers advantages to an industry full of controllers, right? Other relevant trends include the acceptance of software to deliver functionality and of multi-application devices – the prime example being smart phones, where one device manages many applications and deploying new functionality is simple – install an app!

Nedap is the first security supplier that has taken this approach to their security hardware and created a true multi-application device that has functionality (access control, sensor management, intercom, lockers, IP camera control and programmable logic) determined by adaptable, modular software - the widely used term ‘app’ best describes this. Like the smart phone, the functionality of the Nedap controller is not limited – users can always add an app!

Nedap’s innovative integration

Imagine a controller with incredible processing performance - sufficient to be able to manage multiple applications on one device. Then add the flexibility of software apps that can be deployed to create functionality that can be changed, reconfigured and updated easily. Users are close to imagining a Nedap AEOS controller. 

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Nedap Security Management news

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Buildings or sites with existing or future Nedap access control systems can now benefit from integration with Forge Bluepoint visitor management to give people visiting their space smart, secure and time-limited access. Integration with Forge Bluepoint The new integration was customer-driven by HB Reavis’s new building in Bratislava, Nivy Tower, which went live in November. Wayne Lee, Director at Forge, said “We’re excited about this partnership and being able to offer our c...

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Nedap Security Management case studies

ROCKWOOL chooses Nedap’s Global Client Programme to secure its offices and factories worldwide

Manufacturer ROCKWOOL International A.S. has chosen Nedap’s Global Client Programme to secure its offices and factories worldwide. AEOS, the physical security platform by Nedap, installed during the programme, enables ROCKWOOL to establish a truly global security policy and unified work processes. An advanced project rollout, the Global Client Programme is developed for large multinationals and offers several benefits, including standardisation across sites, shorter implementation times a...

Nedap’s AEOS installed at ING’s branch offices in Belgium

Security management in banking is a discipline unlike any other. Rather than integrating all security into one centralised system, some banks choose decentralised security for their branch offices. AEOS, a leading platform in integrated security, turns out to be just as effective when deployed decentrally. ”We were already using Nedap AEOS in our headquarters, as well as various regional offices. Then, in 2011, the security system used by our 800 branch offices in Belgium needed to be ext...

Nedap delivers access control solution to the Flemish Government

The Flemish Government has chosen AEOS access control by Nedap to secure its sites across Belgium and other European countries. It’s awarded a 6-year framework contract, beginning in September 2020, to Nedap channel partner G4S. This will involve G4S replacing the technology for more than 4,000 doors with AEOS. The new AEOS system will accommodate up to 50 software users and will feature various integrations, including visitor management, automatic number plate recognition, mobile readers...