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MOBOTIX Corp Overview:

MOBOTIX develops and manufactures hi-res IP cameras for video surveillance and web attraction solutions via network.  The company, founded in 1999, operates at a global scale using qualified distributors and commercial business partners. 

MOBOTIX HiRes cameras are digital mega pixel cameras which record 12 times more details as 95% of existing surveillance systems. The high image resolution reduces the number of cameras needed and together with the low power consumption via network cable and the maintenance free system design the overall costs are minimized.  The decentralized concept of MOBOTIX with integrated intelligence bridges network failures and bandwidth fluctuations while recording.  MxControlCenter, a professional license free video/alarm management software for an unlimited number of cameras and users is available free of charge with every MOBOTIX camera.  The software offers not only fluent images or event research on several cameras but also post image processing, lens distortion correction and synchronized research of events on several cameras.

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  • MxControlCenter - Video & alarm management
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MOBOTIX Corp news

Milestone Systems unveil Device Pack 10.0a support for its MOBOTIX MOVE camera line

Milestone Systems, globally-renowned open platform company in networked VMS, released its Device Pack 10.0a in October this year and now supports the MOBOTIX MOVE camera series. MOBOTIX MOVE is an independent product line providing customers everything from a single source. “MOVE” stands for the use of mechanically moving parts in the cameras, meaning that MOBOTIX have parted with their previous product policy of only offering decentralised video systems on the market. The MOBOTIX MOVE product line is the first motorised devices and first ONVIF-based camera line from MOBOTIX. “We’re glad to be supporting the first ONVIF compliant products introduced by MOBOTIX as we believe this will enable us a faster release to market going forward,” said VP (Products), Jesper Just Jensen, Milestone Systems. Device Pack 10.0a With the Device Pack 10.0a, Milestone Systems also supports new firmware for MOBOTIX’ Mx6 camera series With the Device Pack 10.0a, Milestone Systems also supports new firmware for MOBOTIX’ Mx6 camera series. Mx6 cameras use a powerful CPU that delivers up to 34 frames per second in full HD. This allows for even better capture of quick movements. The camera line has more capacity for software applications such as 3D motion analysis and license plate capture in the camera. "Thanks to our market opening strategy, Milestone Systems is today one of the largest technology partners of MOBOTIX AG. Due to the growing global demand for our cyber-secure premium cameras, we are very pleased to announce the release of the Device Pack 10.0a, which now enables the integration of the entire MOBOTIX camera world into the Milestone VMS: our Mx6 IoT series as well as the latest MOVE cameras,” says Philipp Helmes, MOBOTIX Product Manager for Integration Solutions. IP-based physical security solutions Milestone Systems now supports more than 7,000 devices, and 40% of Milestone Systems’ drivers are now integrated through ONVIF, an open industry forum that provides and promotes standardised inter-faces for effective interoperability of IP-based physical security products.

ABP Technology launches MxMSP remote monitoring platform to improve MOBOTIX installations

ABP Technology, a value-add specialty distributor for IP technology solutions, launches MxMSP – the Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform that can improve MOBOTIX video surveillance camera deployments and boost profits by increasing Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR). The innovative MxMSP platform has just been given the ‘New Business Idea of 2018’ award at the MOBOTIX Global Partner Conference held in Germany this week. Powered by ABP Technology’s IPTechView RMM platform, MxMSP is designed specifically for MOBOTIX installations and gives integrators and technology partners the capability to remotely and securely monitor and manage deployments. Maintaining secure connections MxMSP makes MOBOTIX installations easier and faster which can help our partners increase business by completing more projects with fewer resources" “MxMSP makes MOBOTIX installations easier and faster which can help our partners increase business by completing more projects with fewer resources,” said Robert Messer, APB Technology President. “Plus, MxMSP provides the added opportunity for integrators to improve customer service and increase monthly revenue.” The cloud-based MxMSP platform acts as an Element Management System (EMS) and RMM all-in-one and works by maintaining secure connections to all cameras, all network attached storage (NAS) and other connected IoT devices at all times to enable secure access to authenticated partners and users. It enables the capability to remotely manage and view video from cameras, local NAS or associated video stored in the MxMSP cloud. Cloud-based viewing Since MOBOTIX IP video surveillance cameras are available MxMSP-ready, camera equipment is pre-configured for easy setup. Partners can remotely connect to all devices as soon as they are plugged in and remotely finalise a project via MxMSP, regardless of network equipment and with no local server. MxMSP allows integrators and partners to create their own branded Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS), providing end-users cloud-based viewing via the MxLINQ companion WebApp; video storage and analytics; alerts and video verification. Real-time account and subscriber information is also available to easily manage subscription and users. Quality of experience The New Business Idea award recognises innovation and quality from among MOBOTIX partners worldwide Messer was on hand at the Global Partner Conference in Germany to accept the ‘New Business Idea of 2018’ award from MOBOTIX. “We are honored that MOBOTIX has recognised MxMSP’s capability to improve the level of service that integrators can provide customers and the quality of experience for MOBOTIX end users,” said Messer. “Using MxMSP to remotely manage MOBOTIX video surveillance camera deployments is simple, scalable and secure and can boost the end-user experience while increasing partner profits.” The annual MOBOTIX Global Partner Conference hosts hundreds of participants from dozens of countries and includes presentations covering market trends, sales strategy and technical sessions. The New Business Idea award recognises innovation and quality from among MOBOTIX partners worldwide.

MOBOTIX's management team to include marketing expert Christiane Kampling & digital video expert Hartmut Sprave

MOBOTIX is expanding its management team to include two new members. Following a successful restructuring, MOBOTIX is paving the way for sustainable growth with its new members, both experienced industry experts: Christiane Kampling will now serve as Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications and Hartmut Sprave as Chief Technical Officer. Both started with the company on June 1st, 2018. Christiane Kampling is taking over as Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications at MOBOTIX. She has held similar positions over the past few years at Covestro, Xchanging Continental Europe, and ING Investment Management. Kampling was also able to gather valuable insights as Marketing Director at Dell. In these positions, Kampling, who holds a degree in business, was responsible for business opportunities and implementing entire marketing strategies (B2B and B2C). She was also in charge of developing new go-to-market models for SMEs and end users as well as building business opportunities through strategic partnerships and cooperations. In addition, Kampling managed the media, PR, and advertising agencies as well as events and roadshows. Digital video technology expert As member of the Management Board and new Chief Technical Officer of the Technology Department, Hartmut Sprave is responsible for hardware, software, product management, quality management and strategic innovation at MOBOTIX. Sprave, who holds a degree in physics, previously served as Vice President Software at Loewe Technologies GmbH, where he was responsible for software development at numerous sites in Germany and abroad. As co-founder and CTO of MacroSystem Digital Video GmbH, he gained extensive experience in the area of digital video technology. “Christiane Kampling and Hartmut Sprave are both highly qualified experts, and we are pleased to welcome them to the MOBOTIX team,” says Thomas Lausten, Chief Executive Officer at MOBOTIX. “With our strong new Management Team, we are perfectly prepared for any upcoming challenge.”