MOBOTIX launches M7 open solution platform and M73 camera to enhance data security

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MOBOTIX is making the next big advance in intelligent video technology, furthering its mission statement of going ‘Beyond Human Vision’. By launching its new MOBOTIX 7 open solution platform and the M73 high-end camera that uses it, the company is once again cementing its position as a pioneer in this technology.

Supported by artificial intelligence and application solutions based on deep learning, the new generation of video cameras not only enables an unlimited set of functions; it also opens up brand new possibilities far beyond traditional video security. This means that the MOBOTIX systems remain fully reliable and secure, as cybersecurity and data security continue to have the highest priority.

New Standards For Intelligent Video Technology

The MOBOTIX 7 is by far our most powerful decentralised and secure modular IoT-video system"

The M7 system platform and the M73 camera were presented to over 500 international technology and sales partners, as well as representatives of the press, at this year's MOBOTIX Global Partner Conference (GPC) in Mainz.

"The MOBOTIX 7 is by far our most powerful decentralised and secure modular IoT-video system based on deep learning modules, and sets new standards for intelligent video technology," explained Hartmut Sprave, Chief Technology Officer at MOBOTIX AG, in his opening speech. "Our hardware and software are 'Made in Germany', and tailor-made camera apps provide limitless possibilities for expanding the MOBOTIX 7. This will revolutionise numerous IoT processes — not only for us, but for our technology partners and customers in various markets too," says Sprave.

The MOBOTIX camera apps can detect when a building is in danger of becoming overcrowded

Future market requirement

Even at its launch, the MOBOTIX 7 already comes with pre-installed apps that are verified and certified by MOBOTIX and meet the highest standards in terms of cyber security. These apps are supported by artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning, and cover a significant number of industry-specific, individual requirements.

It is also possible for partners, customers or users to develop and program their own solutions and have these certified by MOBOTIX. "This means that the range is growing dynamically in response to customers' needs, so virtually any current and future market requirement can be met with a tailor-made application installed directly on a camera featuring the MOBOTIX 7 platform," explained Sprave.

AI-based analytics

One of the MOBOTIX camera apps can detect when a building is in danger of becoming overcrowded

The new MOBOTIX video system is also suitable for our customers' very particular and individual challenges in specific areas: For example, one of the MOBOTIX camera apps can detect when a building is in danger of becoming overcrowded. In this case, the camera immediately and automatically triggers a diversion for any further persons wishing to enter the building, thus reliably preventing accidents and panic.

By combining image sensors and environmental sensors with AI-based analytics, industrial enterprises can increase their production efficiency and improve fire prevention measures, for example. The object-based recognition of individual road users, such as trucks, cars or people, and their behaviour, such as stopping, accelerating and so on, is enabled for traffic and transport applications. The information that is immediately available can improve the road safety for drivers and passengers, while enabling other road users to continue moving in an unobstructed flow.

Video management software

"Together with our partners, we aim to develop a multitude of other solutions based on artificial intelligence and deep learning to help predict events and facilitate the early introduction of effective countermeasures aimed at protecting the environment, buildings, systems, people or animals," said Sprave, the Chief Technology Officer.

MOBOTIX offers a unique platform and thus facilitate the search for global partner network

Partner Expo — Presentation of the Newest Partner Solutions and Technological Alliances In line with the motto of the GPC 2019—‘Evolution. It Continues With You’—and across a space of more than 200 square meters, 19 MOBOTIX technology and solution partners from the Partner Society are presenting their industry-specific and cross-industry complete solutions. These solutions cover the fields of industry solutions, video management software, IT infrastructure, AI-based video analysis and much more. Together with the Partner Society, MOBOTIX offers a unique platform and thus facilitate the search for global partner network by using intelligent components for individual requirements.

MOBOTIX camera apps can detect when a building is in danger of becoming overcrowded

Smart video technologies

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Pave the Way for Smart Video Technologies In his keynote speech, Thomas Lausten, CEO of MOBOTIX AG, highlighted the fact that camera functions based on artificial intelligence and deep learning are becoming increasingly important: "With Konica Minolta, we have a partner that provides leading technology. We also collaborate with other leading companies and institutions in research when it comes to artificial intelligence."

We offer customers around the world access to applications that are perfectly tailored to their requirements"

Thanks to the MOBOTIX system now being more open and our collaboration with strategic partners, the video security market is being expanded to include new solutions for a wide range of industries. "By developing and marketing specialised apps, we offer customers around the world access to applications that are perfectly tailored to their requirements. The profit models resulting from this new technology will open up almost unlimited opportunities for us and our partners in the market," predicted Lausten.

Highest cyber security standards

"When we unveiled the MOBOTIX 7 system platform and the once more ONVIF-conformant M73 camera, the feedback we received from our technology partners was overwhelming," Lausten was pleased to announce, adding that MOBOTIX expects to make many more innovative developments in intelligent applications that can be marketed worldwide.

"With the MOBOTIX 7, we are launching one of the best IoT platforms for apps on the market. It meets the requirements of a wide variety of industries," says CEO Lausten. "Thanks to the MOBOTIX 7, the M73 and all subsequent IoT camera models will have no limits. It goes without saying that protecting our customers' data remains our top priority in all of these endeavours — and as you would expect, the M73 also meets the world's highest cyber security standards."

Read more about MOBOTIX 7 here.

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