MOBOTIX sets its sights on building its name in the US surveillance market
New for 2010 is a night-version of the Q24, incorporating a black and white sensor for after-hours surveillance

MOBOTIX, a technology leader and system provider of digital high-resolution network-based video security systems, announced its intent to expand sales and distribution channels in the U.S. market by growing its base of integrator and reseller partners, introducing new camera functionalities and targeting a broader group of vertical industries including retail, transportation and small-to-medium sized businesses.

Through these efforts, MOBOTIX is looking at 2010 as the year to drive increased U.S. adoption of its industry-leading video surveillance systems, including the new night-version of the Q24 hemispheric camera.

Alastair Hayfiled, Research Manager for IMS Research, commented: "Mobotix has continued to exhibit strong performance, despite the economic downturn. Globally, its share of the megapixel surveillance camera market is close to 40 percent. Mobotix continues to have a strong presence in Europe and captures share in the Americas."

"The worldwide video surveillance industry has begun to understand and embrace the technology superiority and cost savings associated with the switch from analogue to IP network security systems - and the U.S. is primed to become a high-growth market over the next several years," said Steve Gorski, the newly-appointed General Manager of the Americas for MOBOTIX. "At the dawn of IP-based video surveillance more than 10 years ago, MOBOTIX created the first decentralised IP camera solution and we are now seeing the fruits of that innovation, unlocking the full capability of high-resolution video security and bringing this expanded functionality and value to new and existing customers and partners in the United States."

MOBOTIX appoints new leadership in America, enhances surveillance product offering and expands industry reach

"According to IMS Research, the industry is quickly realising the user benefits associated with IP video surveillance, and worldwide growth rates for this technology are likely to exceed 15 percent in 2010," said Hayfield.

However, when it comes to future-proof video surveillance systems, MOBOTIX believes that the key differentiator lies beyond the transition from analogue to digital, but in the capability to harness the full spectrum of high-resolution imagery.

Growth of high-resolution IP video surveillance

Currently in the U.S., market share for high-resolution IP cameras are below 30 percent. This is largely due to the inability of existing CCTV networks to cope with high-bandwidth loads associated with sending large megapixel images from a camera to a central processing system. The answer to overcoming bandwidth concerns while still delivering high-resolution video for security surveillance is to abandon the centralised model widely used as the current standard for U.S. CCTV systems.

"MOBOTIX will further invest into the Americas market in terms of financial and human resources. We have the clear goal to increase our market share in the very near future," said Dr. Ralf Hinkel, CEO of MOBOTIX AG.

With the decentralised MOBOTIX concept, a high-speed computer and if requested digital memory (SD/MicroSD card) is built into every camera for long-term recording. The PC now serves purely for viewing, not for analysis or recording. As a result, MOBOTIX cameras can record in response to an event even without the PC being switched on and digitally store the videos with sound.

MOBOTIX is a global leader for megapixel video security systems

The Q24 Hemispheric camera solution

MOBOTIX is the only company to offer this kind of highly efficient hemispheric video surveillance cameras based on the decentralised concept. The security benefit and cost reduction of this new technology is enormous, as a hemispheric camera delivers 360° room coverage and still allows using the integrated Pan/Tilt/Zoom features to examine interesting parts of a scene. The new panorama function with its high-resolution 180° wide-angle view assures a quick understanding of the whole scene, tracks objects continuously and replaces a set of conventional cameras.

With the innovative MOBOTIX Hemispheric Technology, an entire room can be ideally monitored. Priced at $ 798.00, one MOBOTIX Q24 hemispheric camera replaces the time-consuming and expensive installation of several standard cameras, passing on significant cost savings to the end user. This world novelty demonstrates again the innovative strength of MOBOTIX as a global leader for megapixel video security systems.

When several cameras are monitoring a single room, it is difficult to understand the room layout in its single view. This makes it hard to comprehend the overall setting. The new panorama function of the Q24 delivers a widescreen image of a high-resolution 180° panorama view. New for 2010 is a night-version of the Q24 - perfect use at night by incorporating a black and white sensor for after-hours surveillance.


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