MOBOTIX AG, a leading manufacturer of digital high-resolution, network-based video security systems has released details of how its technology is being used as part of a solution for time lapse video to help high profile firms keep an accurate record of building projects to improve efficiency, help with site security and promotional activities.

Howards Ltd has been working with SeSys, an Advanced MOBOTIX Partner, using the firms' award winning Torch mobile camera combined with a 3G link to store regular images off site and make them available to be retrieved for video editing remotely. The Torch uses a MOBOTIX M24 camera and is designed to be highly mobile and quickly connect to WiFi and 3G communication as well as alternate energy sources such as solar and wind generators.

"We had previously used specially modified digital still cameras which provide excellent quality but required specialty housings to keep them environmentally safe," explains Mark Howard, MD of Howards, "The images also needed to be extracted from the cameras at a regular interval which is a significant task considering that many of these cameras and sites are in pretty distant or inaccessible places."

Howard had looked at using CCTV equipment in the past but had been put off by the lack of quality and suitability to the task, "It was only when we discovered SeSys and MOBOTIX cameras that we at last found a good compromise between quality and reliability; we finally had a viable alternative," he explains.

Using an entirely cloud based storage, recovery and distribution service delivered by SeSys, Howard is able to avoid the time consuming visits to site for image retrieval as the cameras are accessed over 3G. Remote access also facilitates checks on the camera giving peace of mind that everything is running as it should and changes in recording rate when busy periods in the construction are experienced can be made. "The Torch is also rugged and able to draw power from Solar if needed, which allows us to potentially setup in locations with difficulties in running power."

Howard has already used the Torch Camera on several projects including sites under development by Skanska that will use the technology to create an accurate record of an entire project from the first foundation to the cutting of the opening ribbon.

"Technology like the SeSys Torch camera is part of a new wave of image capture systems that are aimed at higher quality applications," comments Mike Lewis, Business Development Director for UK and Ireland at MOBOTIX, "Video can be an enabler for more than just security applications and factors like low power consumption, portability and the ability to connect to new communication technologies are clear differentiators that highlight why MOBOTIX is the clear leader in the digital video space."

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