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Milestone Systems is a global industry leader in open platform IP video management software, founded in 1998 and now operating as a stand-alone company in the Canon Group. Milestone technology is easy to manage, reliable and proven in thousands of customer installations, providing flexible choices in network hardware and integrations with other systems. Sold through partners in more than 100 countries, Milestone solutions help organizations to manage risks, protect people and assets, optimize processes and reduce costs. For more information, visit:

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  • Milestone Systems is a charter member of the IPUser Group and the Security Industry Association.
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Milestone Systems news

Dallmeier announces its Panomera multi-focal sensor cameras have completed seamless integration in the Milestone XProtect VMS

With immediate effect, the patented Panomera multi-focal sensor cameras, produced by Germany-based manufacturer, Dallmeier (Dallmeier electronic GmbH & Co.KG), have completed a seamless integration in the Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS). Panomera - Xprotect VMS The integration provides Milestone XProtect users with a range of entirely new capabilities, for observing and monitoring large areas, and vast spatial contexts. With Panomera, the images from up to seven detailed sensors and one overview sensor are intelligently stitched within a camera system, to produce one overall vision of the object space. XProtect operators can now open and organise all ‘sub-modules’ from the XProtect Smart Client user interface, drag and drop, and zoom into any number of areas within the sub-modules, simultaneously. Enabling the entire high-resolution image at all times provide the benefit equal to combining a powerful megapixel camera, with an unlimited number of high-resolution ‘virtual’ PTZs. ‘Virtual PTZ’ feature The number of cameras needed and the number of screens available to observe are reduced drastically The plugin works with the XProtect Smart Client process seamlessly. It eliminates complicated, confusing switching between camera perspectives and the unnecessary search for maps of buildings, and surroundings. The number of cameras needed and the number of screens available to observe are reduced drastically. The work of the operators is made considerably simpler. All sub-modules are recorded in high resolution. The zooms are carried in extremely high resolution, allowing the operator to receiving details of the entire image. This feature is not possible with conventional solutions, and it is beneficial when dealing with complex situations, for example, or for ensuring successful forensic analysis. Integration of Panomera technology “The integration of Panomera technology in the Milestone XProtect software is an important step for our mutual customers and partners. Creating an unlimited number of high-resolution views from the main image within the VMS and recording them is not possible in this form except with Panomera. It is as if the user has an unlimited number of 'virtual PTZs' at his disposal, while at the same time everything is continuously recorded in high resolution,” said Thomas Dallmeier, Member of the Management Board at Dallmeier. Thomas Dallmeier adds, “With this combined solution, not only do users of Milestone XProtect reduce their overall operating costs, as fewer camera systems and less infrastructure are needed, but they also significantly improve overall security, including the documentation of incidents, since all concerned areas of the object space are monitored and recorded in high resolution.” Technologies for video security applications “We are delighted with the integration of the Panomera technology in the Milestone XProtect video management software. As a result, our joint customers have at their disposal, absolutely ‘state-of-the-art’ technologies, from both the software and the camera perspective, for an enormous range of video security applications,” said Alberto Bruschi, Manager EMEA Community Sales at Milestone Systems. Alberto adds, “We are particularly pleased that Dallmeier and Milestone Systems are European manufacturers, whose key technologies are combined to create an efficient, scalable, and reliable solution. From the perspective of cyber security, the high standards for secure technologies are becoming more and more important for many of our customers.”

Global MSC Security announces that Fraser Sampson to call for public sector CCTV to prioritise human rights

Global MSC Security announces that Fraser Sampson, the Commissioner for the Retention and Use of Biometric Material and Surveillance Camera Commissioner, will call upon local authorities to prioritise human rights, when investing taxpayers money into new CCTV equipment. He will make the keynote address at the Global MSC Security Conference and Exhibition, which is taking place in Bristol on Tuesday 19th October 2021. The Commissioner will use the platform to urge procurement processes to give equal attention to human rights and the assurance of ethical supply chain together with costs. Surveillance camera systems It is clear that operators and purchasers of such systems need direction and guidance" Fraser Sampson states: “Some of the camera systems being made available from outside the United Kingdom are highly competitive and cost-effective and are therefore attractive at both local and national government level.” He adds: “It is unsurprising that some of the surveillance camera systems attracting attention are becoming popular with public services as they will probably excel in meeting the relevant criteria in the procurement scoring process.” The Commissioner continues: “Direct corporate complicity in the furtherance of human rights abuses in the specific context of surveillance camera technology has been raised directly by the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee.” He adds: “It is clear that operators and purchasers of such systems need direction and guidance.” Citing a tryptic approach to the use and deployment of CCTV equipment the Commissioner recommends asking is it technologically possible? Is it legally permissible? And is it societally acceptable? Cost-effective camera Managing Director of Global MSC Security, Derek Maltby, comments: “Many local authorities we work with seek advice as to the most cost-effective camera systems to purchase with taxpayers money, but which are also socially acceptable having regard to human rights and cyber security. Guidance and leadership from the Biometric and Surveillance Camera Commissioner will provide the direction needed.”

Milestone Systems highlights the need of communicating the role of smart technology in combating climate change

Local authorities must better communicate the benefits of smart technology’s role in combatting climate change, according to new research. As climate change and its subsequent natural disasters dominate the global news headlines, research by technology expert, Milestone Systems, found that 80% of Britons want their local authority to take more effective action against climate change, as 230 councils have declared a climate emergency in their regions. Tackling climate problems Almost one in three (29%) members of the public cite air pollution as a key concern when visiting their local city – significantly more than the 17% who are concerned about terrorism. This is likely related to lower visibility and awareness about what is being done to combat climate issues such as air pollution. Fewer than half (47%) of Britons are aware that enhanced use of data and technology can help to combat climate change. Younger respondents’ awareness is significantly higher than the oldest members of society (52% of 18-24-year-olds vs 31% of over 65s), signalling that greater communication of the benefits of smart tech on tackling climate problems to older people is especially needed. Smart city technology There is clearly the need for greater education around smart city technology" Amongst the 20% of people who are against their local authority taking more effective action against climate change, more than a third (34%) believe it would result in higher taxes, while 24% don’t believe climate change is an issue. Furthermore, almost a quarter (23%) believes smart technology would negatively impact the daily life of citizens, showing the sector has a reputational issue it must overcome. Malou Toft, EMEA VP at Milestone Systems, said: “There is clearly the need for greater education around smart city technology and its potential capabilities. Sustainability and tackling climate change are key priorities for many cities currently, so there would likely be a lot of support for technology that could help to make a real difference.” Improving air quality “Not only would the wider implementation of smart technology help to cut down greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality, but it is likely to have great support from the general public when communicated effectively.” Just a fifth (21%) of people feel that their local authority has kept them up to date with new smart city developments. While 61% of people said that they do not feel informed but would like to hear more about new developments, only 18% of people said that they are not interested, indicating a great appetite for more frequent, or more detailed communications.