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ISONAS, Inc. Overview:

Since 1999 ISONAS has been revolutionising access control with one simple solution and is today’s leading manufacturer of Pure IP™ Access Control hardware.  When paired with their industry leading cloud hosted software solutions or 3rd party full featured access control software, a complete access control platform is formed.  An ISONAS system provides the perfect product solution for securing facilities while reducing costs and providing all of the advantages that Pure IP™ technology brings to the door. 

ISONAS is based in the global technology hub of Boulder, Colorado, and has one goal; to change the global access control market, and provide a product solution that is secure, reliable, trusted, and more technologically advanced than anything before. Today, the company is realising that vision with the ISONAS solution installed globally in over 30 countries in a wide variety of vertical markets. ISONAS has been recognised as one of Boulder County’s fastest growing companies as well as by industry partners such as Milestone Systems, year after year for its powerful video and access control integration.

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ISONAS, Inc. news

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The manufacturers behind today’s security technologies are a varied bunch. There are large manufacturers with deep pockets and plenty of resources. And there are smaller manufacturers who are nimble, can react faster to changing market conditions and to whom each customer represents a hard-fought win. There are also plenty of manufacturers in the middle ground. But what impact does the size of a company have on the quality of its products? We took the question to this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: Is there a correlation between the size of a manufacturer and the quality of its products – for better or worse?

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What are the security challenges of the enterprise market?

Enterprise customers provide a large, and very lucrative, business opportunity for the physical security market. These customers include big global companies with plenty of revenue to spend and employees and facilities to protect. As a group, enterprise customers also tend to be a demanding lot, requiring systems that are large, scalable, that can operate across a wide geographic area, and that provide top-notch system performance. Enterprise customers set the standards of performance for the entire market, and they challenge manufacturers to up their game. We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable to reflect on the industry’s biggest customers: What are the security challenges of the enterprise market?