Security installers in Hungary (534 found)

Omnitron Systems is a renowned provider of fiber optic, Ethernet, PoE network equipment and other network solutions. The company also provides enterprise and government security surveillance and network solutions.

OneLogin is the identity platform for secure, scalable and smart experiences that connect people to technology. With the OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform, customers can connect all of their applications, identify potential threats and act quickly.

Ontic is the first protective intelligence software company to digitally transform how Fortune 500 and emerging enterprises proactively address physical threat management to protect employees, customers and assets. Ontic’s SaaS-based platform collects and connects threat indicators to provide a comprehensive view of potential threats, while surfacing critical knowledge so companies can assess and action more to maintain business continuity.

Open-Xchange is a globally renowned software solutions company that specialises in mail/messaging and DNS-based security services, with more than 200m seats sold through international hosting and telco providers worldwide, including partners such as 1&1, Orange, Italiaonline, Comcast, GoDaddy, NTT or Softbank.

Orbital Insight is providing governments and businesses with objective, real-time data at a time when reliable information is scarce. They offer geospatial analytics to help government agencies, promote public health, reduce supply chain risk, and support business continuity.

Orbnet Systems are a UK based security system software company focused on video surveillance and custom software development. They specialise in video streaming protocols, radar technology, surveillance drones, alarm systems, access control and cloud integrations.

Orka Technology Group (Orka) provides worker-tech solutions that help hourly-workers with sourcing, on-boarding and getting paid for work. Orka's software solutions help unlock the potential of the workforce by utilising their API integrations, saving time and money in operations by accessing the Orka suite via an integration partner.

P&L Digital Edge Limited is a globally renowned IT software solutions and services company, based out Tokyo, Japan.

PAC GDX offers an extensive range of PAC Access Control and GDX Door Entry solutions to suit a variety of applications. Their inventory includes Access Control Solutions, Door Entry Solutions, Access Control Hosting, Access Control, Building Security, Housing Associations, Physical Security, Entry panels, and Facility Management.

Founded in 1995, PACE Security was formed to meet the growing need for innovative approaches toward security integration. Access Control, CCTV and security are all integral parts of any complete system. PACE Security provides complete solutions from the engineering to the implementation and installation of equipment and complete customer training for seamless integration of all three major elements.

Panorays automates third party security management and also enables companies to easily manage the security of their clients. Panorays is a SaaS-based platform, with no installation needed. The platform inherently combines a continuous hacker’s view of the evaluated company together with internal policy enforcement.

Par-Kut International is a manufacturer of portable steel special purpose enclosures. Par-Kut International has served at governmental, military, educational and medical institutional as well as the private sectors industrial and commerical concerns, airports and other ports of entry. The company manufactures secure security booths, gatehouses, guard shelters, border inspection booths, security checkpoints & gun surveillance towers.

Parasol is a renowned integrator providing technology and software solutions for enterprises globally. Parasol is the first line of defence for homeowner support needs, which is built by integrators for integrators.

Parker Custom Security specialises in providing door security solutions for commercial and residential markets. The company's service offerings cover CCTV surveillance, door installation, intercom systems, access control, and gates.

PEAKnx is a renowned Germany-based smart home and building automation solutions provider. The company’s product portfolio includes KNX touch panels, KNX USB interface, KNX and TV IP servers.

PerSys Medical specialises in marketing life-saving innovations. We seek the highest quality of innovative technologies and products to meet medical challenges. The company markets and distributes a variety of specialised medical and emergency medical products to military, law enforcement, homeland security, EMS, and wilderness medicine agencies as well as worldwide government agencies.

Peter Park's digital parking space management solutions support parking space operators with innovative technologies for typical and previously problematic applications in parking space management. Their B2B software platform, enabled by computer vision technology, empowers customers to centrally manage their car parks via an individual dashboard.

Phoenix Security Systems, Inc. is a global security solutions firm that specialises in residential and commercial security solutions. They also provide fire safety and security, along with life safety solutions. They deliver access control systems, CCTV surveillance systems, intrusion detection and other video security solutions for homes and businesses.

planetRE based in Silicon Valley, CA is a renowned cloud-based sales automation software provider for the real estate industry. Their platforms comprise of Marketing, Transaction, and Financial components that are fundamental operating units of real estate companies. planetRE is the industry's leading patented software technology that is designed to help businesses find more clients, build brands and grow teams.

PointCentral provides Smart Home solutions that enable vacation rental and residential property managers to remotely control energy and access to all their properties from their desktop or mobile device. PointCentral cellular Smart Home Automation enables keyless access, reduces operating costs, increases Security and much more.

Polimek offers attendance control systems, access control systems, patrol tour control systems and turnstile systems. The company provides also offers x-ray equipment, door lock systems, printers and printing.

Powercast Corporation is the pioneer and leader of long-range, true wireless power-over-distance technology designed to power devices in the home, at work, in public places or industrial settings. Founded in 2003 with the vision of enabling untethered devices powered over the air, Powercast’s award-winning radio frequency (RF)-based transmitter (FCC-approved since 2010) and receiver technology works in the far field to charge multiple devices.

Precision West Technologies is a provider of solutions for complex infrastructure cabling design and full security camera with access control integration to more common projects like IT support and Audio/Visual surveillance applications.

Premier Steel Doors and Frames, Inc. manufactures a diverse group of products for the building industry including hollow metal doors and frames, metal building door systems, and aluminum windows. The company also offers Steel Doors, Steel frames, Hollow Metal, Metal Building Doors and Frames, Builders Hardware, Aluminum Windows, Drywall Frames, F Series Frames, Doors And Frames, and Walk Doors.

Privitar Ltd is a globally renowned provider of data privacy and security solutions. They also provide privacy engineering, privacy preserving data mining, data privacy, data security, data masking, data anonymisation and differential privacy solutions.

ProActive Data Storage and Monitoring Inc. offers services that are revolutionising the surveillance industry in technical stability and oversight of technology with two key platforms: Vault Data Storage and Pulse Monitoring.

Profile Aware Ltd are the United Kingdom's renowned behavioural detection training company. They provide training in human intelligence, utilising trainers who are recognised experts in their fields. They also assist UK Government with the development and delivery of behavioural detection of hostile intent training to police forces, military units and border enforcement teams in a variety of UK locations.

ProMare, Inc. is an organisation, established in 2001, to promote global marine research and exploration. They execute a variety of independent and cooperative research projects in the United States, United Kingdom, Norway, the European Union and Turkey. The organisation's goal is to advance man’s knowledge of the marine world.

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