IDIS, a global surveillance manufacturer, has launched its IDIS VA in the Box analytics on its stand G700 at this year’s IFSEC International.

A powerful tool available for making businesses more competitive, IDIS VA in the Box gives customers access to information needed to make the best business decisions possible. The data generated gives retailers and other end users the opportunity to learn more about their customers, their behaviours, and their needs and demands. Its simple plug-and-play installation makes IDIS VA in the Box perfect for integrators and installers unfamiliar with complicated software-based analytics, requiring little to no maintenance and ensuring a low cost of ownership for end users.

IDIS VA in the Box features

  • People counting allowing customers to count, track, and analyse shoppers. This provides insight into exactly how many people come and go, and the difference between the estimated and actual floating population. The management and administration through people counting is essential for places requiring high-level security, such as airports and other transportation hubs. Expected number of visitors can be predicted by accumulated data and appropriate action can be made in advance.
  • Heatmaps allow retailers to visualise visitor footfall and behaviour and highlight where people spend time and what they interact with. This can be utilised to determine the best location where exposure needs to be maximised, such as new product zones or areas with sluggish sales. It can also be used to select the best locations for advertisements and promotional materials.
  • Queue Management that reduces customer waiting times and allows retailers to more effectively manage queues. This feature enhances customer satisfaction by enabling the opening and closing of the appropriate number of counters based on how many customers are in line. Operated by an alarm, this function allows employees to provide quick and accurate service to their waiting customers as well as an efficient internal shift-change system.
  • Analytical Reporting gives customers graphs and thumbnails by setting a time period, while periodical analysis is available through the IDS Center video management software “VA Report" tab. Customers can check hourly/daily/weekly/monthly data in detail by simply entering a date and time. The data from the people counting, queue management and heatmap functions can be reviewed individually or collectively.

Fast, simple installation and maintenance

Commenting, Jamie Barnfield, Senior Sales Manager, IDIS Europe said, “IDIS VA in the Box has now been installed at various sites throughout Europe, and both installers and end users are reaping the benefits. Since VA in the Box is plug-and-play with our flagship DirectIP platform, it is fast and simple to both install and maintain, protecting installer’s margins. When combined with IDIS Center’s intuitive user interface, it’s extremely easy for operators to utilise, and delivers IDIS’s signature low cost of ownership for end users. Further, the addition of analytics into the IDIS surveillance offering is also making security buying less of a grudge purchase, as not only do customers benefit from security operations, they also enhance marketing, sales, and other departments by delivering a raft of business insights.

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