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Core strengths of DirectIP®

DirectIP® is an optimised HD Surveillance Solution based on an IP Framework, consisting of IP Cameras, NVRs, Network Equipment and Client Software as a complete package.

high performance
High Performance



value for money
Value For Money


High performance

DirectIP® provides first-class performance for networked security systems.

  • Real-time recording with HD resolution: recording HD (or higher) data from multiple cameras to the NVR in real-time.
  • Real-time monitoring with HD resolution: DirectIP® network security systems are a combination of DirectIP® cameras and NVRs, providing excellent network connectivity that can maintain stable HD quality video, regardless of network traffic. DirectIP® supports real-time surveillance features on every split screen.
  • Pentaplex operation: The DirectIP® based NVR will allow simultaneous functionality and operation including: Live-view, record, playback, remote access, backup of recorded audio/video Multiple independent video streams allow for live monitoring, recording and remote monitoring, while additional smart features control resolution, quality and bitrate from remote video data sources.

idis pentaplex convenience


Easy installation


Simple to change camera set-up


Flexible, scalable solutions which allow multiple NVRs via DirectIP® Switch. Multi-camera connection and data communication available with one connection between NVR and DirectIP® Switch.


DirectIP® supports PoE cameras and powers them through the data cable line, removing the need for additional external cabling.


Simple audio and alarm input/output systems created using a DirectIP® camera with audio I/O and alarm I/O ports.

Plug and Play

plug and play

DirectIP®’s simple plug and play functionality and automatic network detection/settings result in a system that is quick and easy to set up.

Intuitive interface 

user-friendly interface

User-friendly interface, resulting in simple transition from DVR to NVR usage.

centralised functionality

Centralised functionality allows every IP camera to be controlled without the need for individual configuration.


Eradicate device compatibility issues and complexities with DirectIP®

Third-party IP camera support 

Fully compatible with our specialised DirectIP® surveillance solution Supporting ONVIF, Axis, Panasonic and Third party protocols, as well as our own existing IDIS protocol.

Compatibility with legacy security systems

IDIS Solution Suite(ISS), IDIS’s versatile Video Management Software (VMS), allows you to manage integrated security from both an NVR-based network security or existing DVR-based systems.
DirectIP® is the best environmental interface for integration with existing sensors, audio, ATM/POS, storage and communication of cameras. Applies automatic resolution on users system to deliver optimised screens.

Value for money

DirectIP® provides users with best-in-class performance that is affordable and cost effective to run

high quality nvrs

lower training cost

High quality NVRs inexpensive with no hidden costs
- Like DVRs there is no additional license fee or annual update fee.
- High performance NVRs, complemented by VMS

Lower training and maintenance cost
- DirectIP® based NVRs are easy to use and do not require specialised training or expert knowledge.
- Our products are strong, robust, stable and manufactured to the highest quality; subsequently maintenance is easy and maintenance fee is low

lower installation fees
Lower installation fees
- Compared with existing DVR or HD-SDI systems, which use coaxial cable, the installation process for IP cameras is quick and easy, only requiring minimal communication lines.
- Our DirectIP® Switch enables a network that uses multiple DirectIP® functions at low cost.
- EOC (Ethernet over Coax) transformation devices allow users to retain existing coaxial cabling.


Complete packages for network video security systems

Our wide range of scalable, high performance products ensures IDIS can provide an appropriate solution to meet user requirements.

  • IP cameras with various indoor/outdoor models
  • Network video recorders
  • Video Management Software (VMS)
  • Remote and mobile client software

Rich connectivity option

DirectIP® for Rich Connectivity includes all the accessories and attachments needed to quickly establish a high quality network security system.

  1. DirectIP® network switching hub
    Gigabit bandwidth handling multi camera data.
    PoE power capability for both IR camera and PTZ camera simultaneously.
  2. PoE injector/splitter, UTP to SFP converter, SFP module, EOC (Ethernet over Coax) module
    Independent electricity supply and separation available.
    UTP, optical and coax cable.
  3. eSATA storage support
  4. Network keyboard supports IP camera accessories
  5. Wall, ceiling, stand, pole, corner, parapet mount
  6. Pendant bracket
  7. Box housing

Device traceable network topology

  • DirectIP®-based NVRs can identify the address of each IP camera from DirectIP® Switch.
  • NVRs or DirectIP Switches that support PoE allow malfunctioning cameras to be easily corrected by controlling independent PoE power.
  • Flexible remote management of devices.
  • NVRs remotely send event messages containing video loss from camera channels or signals caused by screen defects or function faults.

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IDIS unveils importance of cyber security, advances in video analytics at Global Partners Summit

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IDIS European distribution centre to provide next day delivery and after-sales service to improve customer service

In a boost for video project implementations across Europe, all IDIS cameras, network recorders and accessories are now available to partners with next day delivery with the opening of a new distribution and after-sales service centre in the Netherlands. IDIS, which is Korea’s in-country surveillance manufacturer, is opening the new distribution centre to improve customer service and accelerate growth by supporting local distributors in each country through much faster delivery times, with...

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IDIS installs its fisheye and PTZ cameras to enhance security at Bluebird House

Bluebird House is a specialist UK inpatient facility, providing treatment and care for young people with complex mental health problems which mean they pose a risk to themselves or others. Run by Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, the centre also houses adolescents detained under the Mental Health Act, so the highest standards of care, protection and security are required. As part of a wider review of security and safety across the trust, Bluebird House was earmarked for a comprehensive vide...

IDIS surveillance cameras and NVRs offer 24-hour surveillance at the Mesa Arts Center in USA

Upon hearing Pablo Picasso’s famous praise of art’s ability to clear ‘the dust of everyday life’, one’s thoughts could easily turn to one of Arizona’s newest landmarks, the Mesa Arts Center. Set proudly amidst the dust of the Sonoran Desert, the Mesa Arts Center is a striking complex of buildings, art installations, and public throughways, offering a rich blend of visual impressions in glass, water, stone, and metal, with splashes of vibrant colour and metalli...

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