IDIS 4K Total Solution

Cost effective
Cost Effective

stable and secure
Stable and Secure

future proof
Future Proof

Reduce cost incurred by compatibility and connection between products.

IDIS 4K NVRs are safer and more resilient than PC OS software.

IDIS 4K NVR supports up to 8K images through H.265 (up to 35m)

IDIS 4K cameras

The power is in the detail

IDIS 4K camera range

Four times more coverage than FHD 1080p

IDIS 4K cameras deliver vast area coverage and crystal clear images. One 3840x2160p 4K Ultra HD camera can cover the same area that would traditionally require four full-HD cameras.

Crystal clear

IDIS 4K cameras deliver vast area coverage and crystal clear images.

Mission critical surveillance

The ability to identify people, objects and detect the slightest movement that suggests suspicious behaviour, makes the IDIS 4K Total Solution perfectly suited to high security environments such as airports or stadiums.

Super performance and reliability

IDIS 4K NVR with H.265

The IDIS 4K NVR allows simultaneous functionality and operation, including live-view, record, playback, remote access, and backup of compressed audio and video.


4K UHD: Four times the resolution of FHD 1080p

The IDIS 4K NVR is fully optimised for the stable and high performance of all network devices, ensuring 4K live viewing and 4K recording simultaneously.

4K output: support instant playback

IDIS 4K NVRs support true 4K output, which is critical in order to both live monitor and record in 4K.

Plug & play: zero configuration

DirectIP 4K NVRs pack an array of advanced network technologies, to provide true plug & play installation that eliminates the need for costly implementation and integration support.

50% less storage space with H.265

Utilising H.265, IDIS 4K NVRs enable you to save up to 50% storage space compared with H.264.

Instant playback

When you need to monitor one camera quickly, Instant play back replays recently recorded video without performing search functions.

The instant playback function supports direct monitoring without any other control within IDIS Center.

IDIS news

IDIS announces Emily’s Place as the winner of its ‘Create a Better World’ campaign

IDIS America, the regional headquarters of South Korean security technology innovator, IDIS, announces Emily’s Place, as the first recipient of a comprehensive donation of company’s award-winning technology as part of its ‘Create a Better World’ campaign. The campaign, announced at the 2019 ISC West security show in April, is designed to support and better empower community organisations, the facility’s mission of providing long-term, multi-faceted care and support...

Has price erosion ended (or slowed down) in security?

One impact of Chinese companies entering the physical security market has been an erosion in product pricing, creating what has been called the "race to the bottom". However, political forces and cybersecurity concerns have presented new challenges for Chinese companies. Adding cybersecurity increases costs, and the addition of more functionality to edge devices is another trend that has impacted product pricing. We asked this week's Expert Panel Roundtable: Has price erosion ended (or slowed do...

IDIS AMERICA highlights the need for enhancing campus security and safety at Campus Safety Conference 2019 Texas

Through August 2019, IDIS, the South Korean video surveillance solutions manufacturer will highlight the applicability of its end-to-end Total Solution to the spectrum of challenges facing campus safety and security professionals in the Americas. Campus Safety Conference  IDIS America, the regional headquarters for South Korea’s in-country manufacturer of surveillance technology, kicks off several weeks of focus on the unique challenges and concerns related to campus security in the...

IDIS case studies

IDIS surveillance cameras and NVRs offer 24-hour surveillance at the Mesa Arts Center in USA

Upon hearing Pablo Picasso’s famous praise of art’s ability to clear ‘the dust of everyday life’, one’s thoughts could easily turn to one of Arizona’s newest landmarks, the Mesa Arts Center. Set proudly amidst the dust of the Sonoran Desert, the Mesa Arts Center is a striking complex of buildings, art installations, and public throughways, offering a rich blend of visual impressions in glass, water, stone, and metal, with splashes of vibrant colour and metalli...

IDIS high-resolution video surveillance system secures Birmingham’s historic Custard Factory

Since renovation began in the 1990s, the Custard Factory in central Birmingham has grown into an important centre for the creative and digital industries, as well as a destination for leisure, retail and cultural activities. The 15-acre site, which in Victorian days was a pioneering centre for food and ingredients production, has been transformed into a thriving working community for hundreds of small businesses, benefiting from several phases of development. The Custard Factory now comprises mu...

IDIS video surveillance boosts patient and staff safety at Southern Health NHS Trust

A total overhaul of care and safeguarding measures at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust’s mental healthcare facilities was required following historic failures, including preventable deaths in 2012 and 2013. A root-and-branch reform programme was put in place to improve care, ensure transparency and cut risks. A comprehensive video surveillance solution was sought to underpin these efforts. The first phase project required complete video capture and recording at the Ravenswood House fa...