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VMS software and IP products from Hikvision, a supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, are now being used by the Government of Gujarat Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), to protect and administer education facilities and services across Western India.

A government organisation that provides qualitative and higher level technical training for students from a diverse mix of financial and social backgrounds, the Directorate of Technical Education’s (DTE) goal is to deliver global standards of excellence in technical education for all its students.

Looking to provide a more secure environment and enhance education management, both inside its college campuses and within classrooms, DTE enlisted the help of Prama Hikvision India to evaluate their needs and recommend a practical solution.

Enhancing education processes

Working closely with the client, Hikvision undertook site surveys at 43 campuses across Gujarat and in respect of DTE’s management and system performance needs, proposed a cost-effective solution that would provide the required level of indoor and outdoor surveillance coverage.

The considerations for the surveillance solution would also take-in DTE’s objective of enlisting the new system to play a role in enhancing the day-to-day education processes, where it could also be used to remotely monitor examinations, as well as being a time-saving facilities management tool for use across the large Western India state.The Hikvision control software fully supports smart search, playback, and smart detection

Centralised surveillance monitoring

Providing centralised remote surveillance and alarm monitoring, Hikvision proposed an IP-based solution that would use DTE’s existing secure virtual private network (VPN), which connects all education sites across Gujarat to a central point at the Directorate of Technical Education, in the capital city of Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

At two control rooms, Hikvision iVMS-5200 Professional VMS software was installed to control and monitor the new surveillance system 24/7. Ideal for controlling any mix of surveillance system products, the iVMS-5200 Professional software fully supports all Hikvision products, including DVRs, NVRs, cameras and speed domes, as well as any mix of third party manufacturer products that conform to ONVIF standard.

Allowing DTE’s security and management application needs to be addressed, regardless of its size and complexity, the Hikvision control software fully supports the installed Hikvision products’ smart features, including smart search, playback, and smart detection.

Low-light surveillance capability

To provide affordable high-quality surveillance imaging across the 43 college campuses covered, Hikvision specified a mix of DS-2CD2620F-IS HD 2 Megapixel vari-focal IR network bullet, and DS-2CD2720F-IS HD 2 Megapixel outdoor network IR dome cameras. Both camera models provide 1920×1080 resolution, and true day and night (ICR) low-light capabilities, along with back-light compensation (BLC).

Approximately 1,300 Hikvision cameras installed now provide comprehensive surveillance within the campuses lobbies, classrooms, laboratories, staff rooms, examination halls, auditoriums, storerooms, exit and entry doors, and open campus area access gates and car parks.

Integrated campus security

The Hikvision iVMS-5200 Professional VMS software enables 43 campus locations to be monitored easily and reliably"The Hikvision IP-based surveillance solution successfully illustrates just what can be achieved with large-scale integration,” explains Pinkal Shah, Asst. Manager - Technical Support, at Prama Hikvision India.

The Hikvision iVMS-5200 Professional VMS software enables 43 campus locations to be monitored easily and reliably, encompassing central video management, integration and failover mechanism."

"Supporting all remote sites’ local storage and camera SD storage, the system uses Hikvision’s Center Video Record (CVR) mode using NAS to receive data streams directly from network cameras. With CVR mode, there is no need for an intermediate storage server, which not only increases storage efficiency and system stability, but also greatly reduces system hardware cost for the end-user.

Remote surveillance

DTE system operators can remotely check the status of facilities or presence/absence of support staff

"The Hikvision video surveillance system utilises a WAN/VPN to connect each of the separate locations in this massive multi-site project,” explains Mr. Dayashankar of Progility Technologies Pvt. Ltd., systems integration company responsible for the installation of the project.

“The excellent Hikvision iVMS-5200 Professional VMS software enabled us to integrate the many existing third-party manufacturers cameras into the new system, as well as providing out of office hours remote alarm configuration and monitoring. We found the quality of the Hikvision networked camera images to be exceptional under every operating condition.

Viewed from the central monitoring stations, DTE system operators can now remotely check the status of facilities or presence/absence of support staff across Western India. In addition, on examination of the high definition play back, since the installation went live, incidents of petty theft have been recorded, and stolen belongings of students and facilities recovered.

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