Eagle Eye Networks, an international provider of cloud video surveillance, announced the release of its cloud-client fisheye camera dewarping solution. Eagle Eye Cloud VMS customers can now securely access their fisheye cameras and dewarp the video in real-time from their desktop browser or mobile device.

Eagle Eye Cloud VMS supports a broad array of fisheye cameras from multiple manufacturers, models include:

  • Axis M3058
  • Hanwha 9010R
  • Avigilon 12.0-H4F-DO1-IR
  • Hikvision DS-2CD63C5G0-I(V)(S)
  • Dahua NK8BR4 12MP
  • Eagle Eye Networks CDUF-003a

Standard fisheye cameras

Eagle Eye Networks expects to quickly expand the support for additional fisheye cameras from additional manufacturers. Eagle Eye Cloud VMS currently supports over 3,500 IP, analogue and HD Over Coax cameras. “Fisheye cameras have numerous efficiencies and cost savings associated with them,” said Dean Drako, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks. “Eagle Eye’s fisheye dewarping solution transforms standard fisheye cameras into powerful intuitive tools while decreasing the cost and maintenance needed to cover a wide area.”

Included with the new fisheye dewarping is a virtual PTZ function that provides benefits over traditional PTZ cameras. Traditional PTZ cameras can only capture the area they are aimed at when they are aimed at it. The virtual PTZ function in Eagle Eye Networks’ fisheye dewarping captures footage of an entire area regardless of any pan, tilt or zoom.

Camera-based dewarping

The user can, therefore, pan, tilt and zoom after the fact and see the image when viewing historic video. Previously, the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS supported fisheye cameras through camera-based dewarping. The new cloud-client dewarping no longer requires the camera to do the dewarping function. Dewarping is done in real-time or when viewing historic video.

Customers can apply preset dewarps to their video in Single, Dual 180, Quad and 360 views. These views can be converted to layouts as if they were separate cameras. The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS cloud-client fisheye camera dewarping is available immediately and globally to all partners and customers.  There is no additional charge for these features.

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