Delegations of ministries and departments of Russia and other countries, security managers of enterprises operating in transport and transport infrastructure came to TB Forum 2014
TB Forum 2014 also witnesses a 13% increase in the number of pre-registered visitors

From 11th to 14th days of February 2014, Russian and foreign manufacturers and purchasers held a meeting at the key domestic security event – The XIX International Forum Security and Safety Technologies.

A serious exhibition for very serious people

In the year 2014, delegations of ministries and departments of Russia and other countries, responsible security managers of enterprises operating in transport and transport infrastructure, fuel and energy complex, industry, commerce, finance, and telecom, came to TB Forum Expo and Congress.

  • 47 administrations of the largest cities of Russia.
  • 63 constituent entities of the Russian Federation - delegations of executive and legislative authorities.
  • 12 CIS countries - heads of anti-terrorist headquarters.
  • 8% of guests represent 29 foreign countries.

TB Forum 2014 is an exhibition of technologies for large projects. Visitors and delegates are dealing with serious threats and risks, building their security systems aimed to counteract the organised and well-prepared attacks, as well as equipped intruders and groups.

  • 37% of visitors have increased their procurement budgets for 2014-15; more than half - have kept it at the last year level.
  • 46% take decisions on procurement, 34% - are in charge of preparing decisions.
  • 17% of visitors - managers and owners of companies.
  • 32% - department heads.

The TB Forum 2014 concept is supported by the status of its partners, and namely: Hikvision Russia, Honeywell Security Group, ITV | AxxonSoft, Aeroflot, Bevard, KIA Motors RUS, MTS, RVi Group, and others.

Andrey Miroshkin (Groteck): “TB Forum is facing the Russian economy and society, the largest customers and regulators. Sharing the know-how, practices, the discussion of investment and implementation, the formation of alliances that enhance the competitiveness of Russian security industry, quality of life and the effective interaction of professionals. That-s the exactly the way necessary for successful business in our turbulent times.”

High-tech risks in the spotlight

The leading companies have presented a high-tech solution for high-tech threats in 7 product areas: security technology means, perimeter protection systems, fire safety, information and communication system security, anti-terrorism systems, infrastructure safety management decisions, services of security agencies.

The TB Congress agenda is formed by Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC of Russia), Ministry of Transport of Russia, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Anti-Terrorism Centre of the CIS, Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, FCS of Russia, Eurasian Economic Commission, Moscow Subway, Rostransnadzor, Rosavtodor, Association of Russian Banks, Bank of Russia, and other consumers and regulators - 13 conferences, 23 round tables, seminars and briefings. Half of the events were held according to official plans of ministries, department and international organisations.

The number of pre-registered visitors has increased by 13% - the vital interests of professionals and managers were reflected in the program and exposition.

"The Forum’s Business program is putting an increasingly noticeable emphasis on the issues of the citizens’ protection against the entire spectrum of terrorist, criminal, technogenic and natural disasters"

TOP-5 purchasers’ interests:

  • CCTV
  • Access Control Systems, Identification
  • Security alarm system
  • Perimeter protection system
  • Information and communication security

Viktor Ozerov (Council of the Federation Committee on Defense and Security): “The Forum’s Business program is putting an increasingly noticeable emphasis on the issues of the citizens’ protection against the entire spectrum of terrorist, criminal, technogenic and natural disasters. For the first time in this year the conferences are carried out that are dedicated to security of educational and medical institutions, provision of safety to mass events, and implementation of the Safe City programs. The same topics are addressed in the conferences on banking security, using GLONASS technologies, transport security, and many others.”

Exposition of know-how, practices and techniques

The exponents have demonstrated the practical application of advanced technologies. Among them are the following: AMT-GROUP, Technoserv, Hikvision Russia, Integra-S, Panda CCTV, Electronika, Pozhtekhnika, ELVEES-NeoTek, MICCOM-ISB, Dallmeier electronic, and others.

Organisers of events and demo zones have offered purchasers practical assistance and best practices by supporting their educational interests.

The immediate practical experience was shared by 196 speakers representing Sberbank of Russia, Aeroflot aeroexpress, Gazprom, Ingosstrakh Rosgosstrakh, Vimpelcom, MTS, Vladivostok Airport, Tuapse sea port, Voronezh-1 Railway Station, Krasnodar-1 Railway Station, Hydroelectric Complex No. 1 of the Administration of Volga River Basin of inland waterways, etc.

Anychka Danielyan (Hikvision Russia): “TB Forum’s target audience is something that attracts us. Opportunity to present products to end customers from various sectors – transport, banks, retail, industry. In the first days, the exhibition was attended by a huge number of state customers. We are pleased to note their genuine interest generally in the Forum, and in Hikvision-s products, in particular.”

Real investment, real business

45% of TB Forum 2014’s audience - major corporate and state customers.

12% of visitors are investing more than 100 million rubles in security this year, namely: Yekaterinburg Subway, Gazprom, Gazprombank, Kiev square, Lukoil, Sheremetyevo International Airport, Ministry of Communications of Russia, Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, Norilsk Nickel, United Metallurgical Company, Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, RusHydro, Russian Railways, Transneft, Russian Federal Security Service, and others.

The number of visitors serving the industrial facilities increased to 25%. There increased the number of customers, whose area of responsibility includes power systems, dangerous and critical facilities, military infrastructure and civil defence facilities, monetary funds, transport and logistics hubs.

"We are pleased to note their genuine interest generally in the Forum, and in Hikvision's products, in particular"

Igor Lyand (Bevard): “TB Forum lets gives you the chance to meet directly with customers in a friendly atmosphere. Participants of the exhibition have pleased with the variety of equipment and services. An event program presented at the stands was a pleasant surprise as well. An active business environment was kept all the days of the exhibition. Such intensiveness is a good sign!”

Alexandr Prikhodko (Centrobuv): “TB Forum 2014 is primarily a platform for communicating with colleagues. Here we are defining the directions of development, getting aware where the focus should be placed on, comparing each other-s progress and sharing experiences. TB forum makes it possible to see the latest technologies that are available in the security market. This encourages to use novelties in our professional activities and to improve the security of our companies and enterprises.”

Russian networks of sales

TB Forum 2014 was visited by more than 1000 trading houses and distributors. Among them: 7 Person, IP-V, AMI-COM, Aktiv-SB, Angar 17C, BUDAFON LTD, Videoglaz, DEAN, KOMPANIYA BEZOPASNOST, TB Proekt Company, ON-COM, Prissco, RIMIKO Security Center, Satro-Paladin, S-P Group, TINKO, InfoTeh Trading Company, MIG Trading Company, Energia SK, NGS Distribution, and others.

  • 31% of visitors - integrators, installers and installation companies.
  • 24% of the audience - design institutes and organisations.

Mikhail Rukin (ERVIST): “Honestly - I did not expect for such a high business activity and such an influx of visitors at TB Forum 2014. For us, the main effectiveness indicator of the participation - the exhibition’s attendance, the number of those interested and professional visitors, and I am pleased to note a large number of potential customers willing to order our products among the TB Forum 2014’s audience.”

The art of security

A palette of positive emotions was caused by the first-time organised art exhibition of the security industry participants, which demonstrated the versatility of talent of outstanding representatives of such companies as ARX Security, FUJIFILM, SEC RU, MTS, ON-COM, Pozhtekhnika, Stilsoft, UMS.RUS, FSS Information Security Center, Eleron, RVi Group, and others.

The exposition has become a centre of informal communication and an ornament of eventful program of TB Congress.

Best people, technologies, practices

A TB Award for best products was won by high-tech solutions and products of 56 applicants. The ZUBR statues and medals For Enhancing Russia’s Security (National Industry Award ZUBR) were awarded for achievements of the following companies: Hikvision Russia, ID Systems, Variant-Gidrotekhnika, GSN Electronic Company, Irset-Center, Kalancha, KB Probor, PROTECT-D, Nordavind-Dubna, Technoserv, CeSIS NIKIRET, Elektronika, Eleron, Umirs, Academician Reshetnev’s Information Satellite Systems.

"TB forum makes it possible to see the latest technologies that are available in the security market"

Vladimir Chertok (Deputy Head of the Federal Service for Transport Supervision) and Yuri Tuzhilkin (President of the Association of Veterans of the State Security Bodies "Devyatichi") became the ZUBR Award holders for outstanding personal contribution to the security development.

The nominees of the nationwide demo-contest of transport infrastructure objects of the transport infrastructure subjects of the Russian Federation were awarded certificates: Railway station at Voronezh-1 station, Hydroelectric Complex No. 1 (Administration of "Volgo-Don" Federal State-Funded Institution), Krasnodar-1 railway station, Novorossiysk Sea port, Vladivostok Airport (Knevichi), Tuapse Bulk Terminal.

Vladimir Chertok (Rostransnadzor) noted that the Security and Safety Technologies Forum and ZUBR Award constitute the most important event in the life of not only the security industry, but Russia as a whole. Equipment and systems presented at the exhibition and nominated for the award work perfectly at the Kazan Universiade, Sochi Olympic Games and transport infrastructure facilities across the whole country. "I feel a sense pride for such achievements," said Mr. Chertok.

The 20th security and safety technologies 2015 international forum:

TB Forum 2015 is a platform to discuss supply and demand, requirements and opportunities, and to conduct real business. Here the agenda is formed and the industry interacts with customers and within itself. Extended Business program of TB Congress and TB Academy. Intense professional communication. Discussion of the 2015-16 projects. Renewed exposition of international companies.

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