DS-4216HCI and DS-4216HFVI
Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd., launches DS-42xxHCI/HFVI Series Audio/Video Compression Card
Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd., the leading surveillance products supplier with headquarters in China, launches DS-42xxHCI/HFVI Series Audio/Video Compression Card. It adopts high-performance video processing chip, standard H.264 video codec, and real-time audio/video capturing and encoding. Series models include DS-4216HFVI, DS-4208HFVI, and DS-4216HCI.

Some of the major requirements for compression cards in the industry today are stability, flexibility, and the ease of development and customization. By adopting a high-performance processing chip that can support up to 8ch 4CIF real-time encoding, the DS-42xxHCI/HFVI Series Audio/Video Compression Card requires fewer chips on the board resulting in extra-low power consumption and higher stability. A full SDK and demo source code is also available, which provides a friendly platform for development and customization. Besides, the on-board video/audio input pins allow users to build a PC-based DVR system with their preferred physical video/audio input interfaces; its termination jumper design on each 75 Ohm matching resistor also enables the video loop out function as an option.

Hikvision's DS-42xxHCI/HFVI Series Audio/Video Compression Card delivers up to 16ch 4CIF (main stream) real-time encoding and 16ch CIF (sub stream) encoding on dual stream mode, which enables the product to record in high quality and full frame rate, and at the same time to cover the requirement on narrow band transmission and cell phone surveillance applications. The product also features 25fps (PAL) / 30fps (NTSC) and supports variable bit rate and frame rate, motion detection, OSD auto switch, LOGO and MASK overlay.

Series models include DS-4216HFVI, DS-4208HFVI, and DS-4216HCI
The DS-42xxHCI/HFVI Series Audio/Video Compression Card is compatible with the main-stream CPU, motherboard, and display adapter, which provides a huge convenience for users while building up a PC-based DVR system. Furthermore, users can build up a hybrid system, utilizing the DS-42xxHCI/HFVI Series Audio/Video Compression Card along with Hikvision's iVMS software and a PC, to connect with Hikvision's IP surveillance products.

Product performance differences are based on 3 models: The DS-4216HFVI supports 16ch 4CIF real time recording, and up to 16ch 4CIF (main stream) and 16ch CIF (sub stream) encoding in dual stream mode; the DS-4208HFVI supports 8ch 4CIF real time recording, and up to 8ch 4CIF (main stream) and 8ch CIF (sub stream) encoding in dual stream mode; the DS-4216HCI supports 16ch CIF real time encoding, 16ch 4CIF or 2CIF encoding with 5fps, and up to 16ch CIF (main stream) and 16ch CIF (sub stream) encoding in dual stream mode.

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